Top Furniture Trends of the Decade

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A home is now considered incomplete without necessary furnishings done. Furniture virtually acts as a necessity as well as a part of home décor. That’s why it is important to pay attention to selecting furniture that will suit both the home and the people living in the home. In addition, considering the limited spaces urban dwellers live in, it is very obvious for them to look for options when it comes to choosing the right furniture. Here is a list of eleven furniture ideas that have surely evolved into outstanding trends in the last decade.

Top Furniture Trends

Meeting rooms
Meeting rooms are no longer about isolation, but about cooperation and discussion. Communication is the most important aspect of meetings, thus it is vital to have an elegant and welcoming space to hold company meetings.

Eco-friendly furniture
As there is increased awareness about the impact of deforestation on our climate, the number of people going for nature-friendly furniture has increased considerably. Actually, the demand for nature-friendly furniture has increased at such a rate that is has almost become main stream. Many manufacturers of furniture have introduced using recycled materials for constructing furniture in order to decrease the dependency on natural materials. That said, if the trend continues to grow, people may no longer need wood for making furniture. As a result, the rate of ongoing deforestation will be greatly decreased.

Technology is on the rise
With tablets, multiple monitors and Smart Phones becoming the norm, your office has to remain at the forefront of the latest developments – including furniture. In the business world, there is nothing more influential than the image of your office space. That’s why it is important to have furniture that conveys both functionality and compatibility with the latest technologies at the same time.

Open office furniture
One of the biggest changes in office design is the official retirement of the standard office cubicle. That said, employees do not want to sit in their offices all day with no exposure to sunlight and no social interaction. Collaboration is the key and many companies are combining modern furniture with cooperative workspaces. Transparent panels between employee desks, circular workspaces and break areas are all very popular.

Multifunctional furniture
Multifunctional furniture is not a new concept. Actually, this kind of furniture has come into its own as there is a rising demand for this type of furniture. When space is at a premium, people need furniture that can perform multiple tasks. For example, many buyers are looking for extra storage in tables, under beds and sofas. Multifunctional furniture is not just for added storage. This kind of furniture can serve other features like a pull-out bed or additional space for sleeping guest.

Leather furniture
Leather furniture is on the rise as it comes in different shapes, colors and it’s not as expensive as it used to be. Leather is an old favorite, but it has a new face these days. Leather is popular mainly because it is easy to clean and maintain and it retains its glossy appeal much longer than other materials. In addition, there is plenty of good leather furniture in designs and shapes that was never seen before.

Globally inspired furniture
As communication technology advanced tremendously, the world seems smaller and no place or culture seems distant anymore. These days’ people prefer to add an exotic touch in their home by buying furniture whose designs and materials are inspired by foreign cultures and traditions.

Smaller profile furniture
As the living spaces are shrinking, the last decade has witnessed the introduction of smaller and more practical furniture. Heavy and large furniture are no longer in fashion. The preference for less ornate furniture surely has gained momentum in the modern age.

Vintage furniture
Vintage furniture has really come into its own as long as baby furniture is concerned. Whether you are reviving an antique piece of baby furniture or looking for something that look plain, vintage baby furniture can make a nursery something beautiful. Baby furniture with cracked-style paint and iron cribs are increasingly popular these days.

Custom-made furniture
Customization by customer’s request seems to be a trend. Even more, this trend continues to develop and evolve. Some manufacturers offer customization in terms of style, color and shape of the furniture.

Patern furniture
Chairs and sofas are alive with color again. Among the most popular options is floral on a white or brown background. This style is vibrant and warm. If you want to achieve a breezy look, match your floral sofa with solid colored accent chairs. Definitely, the trend like this will gain popularity over the coming years.

Those are just a few of trends in the furniture industry. There are still many other trends that yet have to be a hit in the future very soon. You can ignore them, or you can combine a modern and classic mix in order to make your own perfect touch and style.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about Home and Office Improvement. She recommends Modern Office for providing best chairs, tables and reception furniture for office.

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