Tutorial Backing,Upgrading WordPress Manually/Automatically using ftp filezilla,Cpanel,Plugins

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Upgrading WordPress Manually/Automatically using ftp filezilla/Cpanel/Plugins


Reasons why Manually Upgrade wordpress website?

Every one today want upgraded lifestyles same applys to wordpress website ,so if you want your wordpress website to work on latest technology compare to say 1990 year old wordpress technology then you will surely understand the importance of upgrading wordpress technology.

I hope you all love todays upgraded lifestyles compare to say 1990 year old lifestyles which has its problems

Manually Upgrade wordpress website

Advantage of Upgrading wordpress website

Old wordpress upgrade are easily hackable compared to latest  wordpress Upgrade.

wordpress adds more ADVANCE features and improve wordpress users experience like in wordpress dashboard admin section.

Best free wordpress themes ,best wordpress plugins  are added also wordpress app is updated with more ADVANCE features that improve wordpress users experience.

Many wordpress tutorial instructions are added for Upgrading wordpress technology via wordpress.org and www.wordpress.com for increasing knowledge for the newly upgraded wordpress version


Why Back Up WordPress website before Upgrading WordPress website?

The answer to Backing Up WordPress website is simple that is to have duplicate copy of your website if something goes wrong during Upgrading WordPress website process.

So how to start Back Up of WordPress website ?

There are manual ways and Automatic ways to Back Up of WordPress website

1.Manually Backing Up Your WordPress Database 

The first step is to login to your Cpanel ,Cpanel url is in this format http://ABC.com/Cpanel where  http://ABC.com is your website url.After logging in your Cpanel url example http://ABC.com/Cpanel and head to the File Manager as shown in below image, then navigate to the PhpMyAdmin section in cpanel as shown in below image.

wordpress phpmyadmin database backup


Next click the PhpMyAdmin  which will backup your website database automatically and easily

You will see the PhpMyAdmin screen as shown below ,select your website database ,so I will select  database wp database as shown below

wordpress phpmyadmin database backup

Now select export tab button you will see the PhpMyAdmin screen as shown below


phpmyadmin database backup tutorial

Now select quick option and then Go option to start WordPress database backup

That’s all, you have successfully made a manually WordPress database backup using PhpMyAdmin.

2.Manually Backing Up Your WordPress files and folder using FTP or Cpanel, the steps:

The first step is to log in to your Cpanel ,Cpanel url is in this format http://ABC.com/Cpanel where  http://ABC.com is your website url.After logging in your Cpanel url example http://ABC.com/Cpanel and head to the File Manager as shown in below image, then navigate to the root directory of your website.

file manager cpanel tutorial


First make folder and name it FOLDERA ,Next go to folder were you have installed WordPress  in your hosting where you will see all  WordPress files and folders as shown in below image .

wordpress cpanel file manager

Now just click on  select all as shown in below image to select all WordPress files and folders  and press copy to copy all WordPress files and folders to our desired destination / FOLDERA .This will automatically copy all WordPress files and folders to our desired destination / FOLDERA.

 select all WordPress files and folders

This finish wordpress tutorial to do emtire FILEs BACKUP of WordPress files and folders.



1.Automatically Back Up Your whole WordPress website

You can also backup your WordPress website by installing best backup plugin like BackWPup readily available on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

To install the BackWPup plugin, login to your WordPress site as an admin, then

  1. Click on “Add New” under Plugins
  2. Search for “BackWPup”
  3. Click “Install Now”  as shown in below image

Install BackWPup WordPress backup plugin

Go to the BackWPup plugin’s Settings page after installing the BackWPup plugin  as shown in below image

BackWPup plugin Settings page

Configure backwpup settings  as shown in below image

  1. Click the “Settings” link in the top-right menu
  2. Change the email address to be your own email address if needed. By default your admin email will be used.
  3. Change “0” to “7” to save the last 7 log files.
  4. Click “Save Change”


configure backwpup settings


Create manual backup Job in  backwpup

backwpup job settings

  1. Click “Jobs”
  2. Click “Add New”
  3. Lets give name for our Jobs as Manual Backup
  4. Uncheck the checkbox which says “Only send an e-mail if there are errors.”  . If you want the notification you can check the checkbox as per your requirement.
  5. Click “Save Changes”
  6. Click the “Jobs” link to go back to the jobs listing screen

manual backup Job

Next Click the “Run Now” link under the job you just created  as shown in below image

manual backup backwpup job

It will start Backwpup job  as shown in below image

backwpup job running

You can ignore warning if its not important ,this will finish our backup wordpress tutorial using wordpress plugin




How to start Upgrading WordPress Manually?

1.Upgrading WordPress Manually using ftp filezilla

The first step is to go to http://wordpress.org/download/ official WordPress  download page to  download the latest Zip file of WordPress and extract it to a folder of your choice.

Don’t forget to backup all the WordPress files in the root directory including dot files like the .htacess file. Do check whether all of your backups are ok or not, most of the times incomplete or erroneous downloads lead to corrupted backups. Also make sure to open up your .sql files of the database in an editor so as to make sure that all of the required tables are present or not.

Now  Deactivate all your active WordPress plugins on your WordPress installation.

Next delete the two directories with name wp-includes  and the wp-admin folder ,but Do not Delete the following files: wp-config.php, wp-content folder.

how to update wordpress manually via ftp

If you feel your site is hacked then only delete  /plugins/ folder located here wp-content/plugins/ along with /themes/ folder located here wp-content/themes/

You can delete the required two directories with name wp-includes  and the wp-admin folder by logging via FTP using Filezilla or from the File Manager in your Cpanel or by using SSH to log in to your server using Putty or some other program and then send a command to delete those directories or specific files.

Next start uploading all of the new files that you got from the newly downloaded Zip from WordPress.org as shown in below images.

how to manually update wordpress using ftp

Open wp-config.php copy all content & paste in wpconfigsample.php  and rename files wp-config-sample.php as wp-config.php

If there is no  wp-config-sample.php file then directly upload wp-config.php file which completes our manual backup.

2.Upgrading WordPress Manually using wordpress dashboard admin section.

Now  go  to wordpress admin login page via www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/ and navigate to www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php, in case your website is installed in a directory then use the directory specific URL.

Now press update now as shown in below images to start updating  wordpress website



After updating if you are unable to log in in your  wordpress website then clear the cookies of your browser.

After updating wordpress website to the latest version of WordPress

3.Upgrading WordPress Automatically using wordpress Plugin.

Now is the time is to update your plugins so navigate to www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/update-core.php and press update to start updating  wordpress plugins as shown in below images .

Upgrading WordPress Plugins

Update WordPress Plugin Manually


That’s all, you have successfully made a Automatically WordPress update using using wordpress Plugin.

Let me know your questions in your upgrade journey by commenting your doubts! ,you can also email us your budget to-besumitbe@gmail.com /skype us-bpshbp if you need our expert services in your budget.





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