The Big List Of Fun Family Outdoor Activities


Originally posted on January 10, 2020 @ 1:30 pm

Building new, long-lasting memories while getting some fresh air is probably the best combination and choice when it comes to spending some quality family time. With kids at school all day long and parents stuck in the office most of their time, the whole families are borderline desperate for some quality outdoor activities.

It’s no wonder that children spend so much time indoors and are essentially inactive most of the time. The school system is designed to keep them indoors for the majority of their young age. The things are hardly ever changing later throughout life. These kids grow up to be the same as their parents were – sitting in offices day in and day out. The obesity pandemic really shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone, at least not anymore.

So, spending more time in nature is not only great for strengthening the family bond but is also one big, crucial step towards improving everyone’s health. People who tend to spend more time outdoors are more happy in general. They are healthier, more content with their lives and are in better shape physically and mentally.

That is why we give you a big list of family outdoor activities that are both fun, memorable and gratifying overall.

Outdoor Activity Number 1: The Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is one of those games that every child likes to play. Because it is typically played in an extensive outdoor area, it gives you and your family the chance to stay active and engaged for a longer period of time.

Since participants need to collect a number of miscellaneous objects, it is similar to searching for buried treasure. When you add some family inside jokes as well as everyone’s whims and quirks, you are all bound to have an amazing, memorable time together.

Outdoor Activity Number 2: Camping

Although camping usually requires going out in the wild somewhere and spending a weekend away from home, camping doesn’t necessarily have to involve travelling far, or even away from home.

If you ever feel bored with the routine of going to sleep every night in the same bed, don’t hesitate to go out to your backyard and pitch a tent. If you have small children, you know how most of them are absolutely fascinated by being in a tent. If the safety regulations are followed, you can do a bonfire when it gets dark. Bring out some instrument or do a sing-along together, while looking at the stars. Just be creative and bold and you will all enjoy these precious family moments.

Outdoor Activity Number 3: Bicycle Riding

Remember what we told you about all the downsides and potential difficulties stemming from the lack of movement? Opt for bicycle riding with your family and you will catch two birds with one stone. Not only will you spend an amazing time together while biking around the city and further exploring the places nearby, but you will also stay fit and healthy.

They also say that the best way to travel through a new place is by riding a bike. You get a chance to see more things than you would normally do by going on foot or any other means of transportation.

If you currently don’t own bikes, or not everyone has her or his own, don’t let that discourage you – find bikes and bicycles for sale and go for a ride of your lives together as a family. You can hardly top this experience with anything!

Outdoor Activity Number 4: Volunteering

When talking about doing multiple beneficial things at once, volunteering is an activity that can bring joy all across the board. You can choose to clean up a local park, plant trees and flowers in your community, or help other people. With so many options to choose from, you can’t really go wrong whatever you decide to do.

Helping the environment or helping others will teach your children valuable things about life. They will learn the right approach towards the places or individuals that are all around them. With volunteering together as a family, you are spending quality time together, you are being outdoors and active, you are helping the environment or the people and you are giving your children practical, real-life lessons on how to act like adults. You are basically doing everyone a favour!

Outdoor Activity Number 5: Kite Flying

If children like tents, they love flying kites. This is one of those activities that can turn out to be fun for the entire family. Prior to going out, spend some time with kids and help them make their own, customized kite. This project will boost their creativity as they are trying to figure out different ways to design the kite.

Pick a clear day with nice weather and just go to the nearest park or playground and put your kite to the test. You can relax and enjoy the sun while the children are preoccupied with running around and trying to make the kite soar as high as possible.

Bring blankets and some food and have a nice picnic along the way. Soak in the sun and unwind from the stressful day at work while the kids are getting their portion of much needed daily activities.

Outdoor Activity Number 6: Try Go-Karting

In case you are a family who enjoys a little bit of adrenaline rush from time to time, go-karting is a great way to spend some quality family time. Turn your console preferences into a real-life outdoor experience.

Go-karting is also suitable for families who are competitive in nature. You can choose to race in teams or individually. Talk about the potential prize the winner gets after the race to further spice up the competition. But be sure to remember that it’s all about fun and having a good time eventually. You can teach your children some valuable life lessons along the way. For instance, the one about not being sore losers and also knowing how to behave when/ if they win.

Outdoor Activity Number 7: Nature Exploring and Hiking

It’s always a good time for a little adventure. If you live in the city, your children absolutely need to spend some time in nature – and not just parks and nearby playgrounds.

For example, national parks are awesome places where your children can explore the outside world – the trees, flowers, various animals and insects. They will be more eager to learn about new things when they have a chance to see them in real life. You can start exploring the plants and checking their names later. Continue to play with leaves afterwards – rake up the fallen leaves from trees and balance out the learning part with some less serious fun.

You also want to teach them not to pollute and to take proper care of nature. Do these things as often as possible while hiking along the way, and you will most definitely instil some good habits and give your children invaluable life lessons at the same time.

Outdoor Activity Number 8: Outdoor Trampoline Jumping

Which child doesn’t like to bounce up and down? If you notice that your children like to do that on their beds, get them out and let them jump as long and as much as they can on a trampoline. Just make sure to choose the trampolines/ trampoline parks that are better in quality, to avoid any accidents or injuries.

Also, you want to opt for outdoor trampoline parks, so you and your children can spend more time outside, getting the much needed fresh air.

Outdoor Activity Number 9: Hide and Seek or Tag

These two are oldies but goodies. If your children are already in their teens, chances are that they won’t enjoy playing the hide and seek or the tag with you. But if they are still younger, these games are a great option to pick. They don’t require much planning and organizing different things – you just need to go out and find some interesting space where you can play.

And just like with the hide and seek, the tag can also be a really fun way to spend your family time together. Both of these games involve running or constantly moving around, so they are great alternatives in terms of choosing healthy and fun options to hang out with each other.


So, there you have it – the big list of fun family outdoor activities. The important thing to remember is that whichever of these activities you end up choosing, what’s really significant and vital is that the family is altogether as a group, enjoying the time side by side.

Having fun is crucial of course, but if you can also teach your children some valuable life lessons along the way, these activities can turn out to be beneficial in more than one way. You want your kids to have the times of their lives while they are with you, but you can also use this opportunity to introduce them to some healthy habits and worldviews.

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