Sources of inspiration to help women age gracefully

There are lots of sources of inspiration to help a woman age gracefully. Ideas can be sought from celebrities and actresses or looking at fashion pages of magazines and people watching is also a great way to find ideas to enhance your look as you get older.

Sources of inspiration

Aging is something that we all face. Whether you are dreading getting wrinkly, or embracing age as it comes, there are plenty of sources of inspiration to give you ideas to help you age gracefully. You can explore ideas for yourself by monitoring celebrities and actresses, by looking in fashion magazines suitable for your age and by observing the people around you can absorb the good ideas and reject the mistakes.
Celebrities and actresses
It may be unfair to take tips from actresses and celebrities, as they may have a team of specialists behind their looks, as well as a big budget and time, but it can be helpful to look at women of a similar age to you who are in the public eye. Not only will it help in getting wardrobe and make up ideas but, more importantly, it may help you decide what doesn’t look good. A style of dress may look particularly frumpy and some trends may look odd after a certain age. Surgery maybe out of the average women’s budget but it can also be good to gloat at the stretched faces of celebrities or marvel at those who get it right either with surgery or other enhancements such as a hair transplant. However, there are some great examples of women who are aging gracefully in the public eye, without trying to look twenty years younger. Helen Mirren, Andie MacDowell and Meryl Streep all look their age and look fabulous too.
Fashion pages of magazines
By picking a magazine that is right for your age group you will find plenty of fashion ideas that will mean you are suitably dressed for your age. While magazines such as Cosmopolitan or Vogue cater for a much younger audience or those with high-end fashion interests, there is an array of fashion magazines for slightly older women too. Some fashion shoots use older women to model for them or use women who are more of an average size rather than waif-like models.
People watching
Making sure you take the time to draw inspiration from those around you is worthwhile to get the best out of your own look and help you age with elegance. Whether you make a note to yourself to look around your workplace, have a closer look at what your friends are wearing on a night out or just to sit in a caff and people watch, other women are often the best source of inspiration.
However you get your inspiration, it’s important to remember your own ideas for your looks are important too. While anti-aging techniques such as surgery or a hair transplant may suit some people, adjustments to your hair, make-up and wardrobe can often work wonders in helping you age with grace.
Suzannah Brown writes regularly on fashion for a range of websites and blogs. She lives in the UK with her family and is interested in the concept of aging beautifully. Click here for more information.

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