3 Ways to Find the Best Corporate Event Planner in Miami

Arranging the buffet table, untangling the microphone cords, coordinating schedules: truly designing and planning a corporate event in Miami is a monumental task. If you are lucky enough to be the one in the company to plan it, then you no doubt have taken on a mighty challenge. Planning a corporate event in Miami is an especially hard task because of the inclimate weather, however, done the right way, the south Florida environment can be a great opportunity for a successful, enjoyable event.

Taking on all of the responsibilities involved in corporate event planning is often too great of a task to delegate to one employee; so it can be in your best interest to seek out an event planner. The basic essentials of what you should consider when seeking out a corporate event planner are (1) what type of audience you have as well as (2) how memorable the event will be for its guests. There are so many factors that go into just these two guidelines that you should be able to extrapolate all of the other important elements for successful event planning. However, there is a saturated market when it comes to event planners in Miami, so you’ll have to pay attention to what kind of service you need. In addition to this, you want the event to be fun and memorable for the guests! So, what other elements should you consider when trying to plan the best corporate event in Miami?

1. What kind of event planning service is it? What services do they offer?

When it comes to the vast array of event planning services in Miami you really need to understand what sort of event you want to plan. Some of the event planners you will encounter can range from shabby chic wedding designs to creative entertainment to decadent food displays so there are some priorities that need to be set. If you are planning a corporate event you will think of the specialized services you want; for example, if the business is in the entertainment industry it would be more fruitful to book an event planner that has connections with quality performance venues or artists. On the other hand, if the business is in the food industry then you will need to pay attention to food spreads more and if your event planner has connections with caterers and chefs. If you simply want elite comfort and memorable moments, then a more design-oriented planner may be better for your event. The list of event types are endless: incentivized trip, trade show, appreciation event, seminar/conference, board meeting, team building event, charity event or product launch just to name a few. While the event planner will handle the heft of the project, seeking out the right event planner for you will take some research and effort on your part if you wish to make it a successful and memorable event.

2. How is the website?

While this question may seem a little vain, the truth is that an event planner’s website and service pages are a huge reflection of their business practice. If they claim to take incredible photos at your event, then there better be some amazing photos on their own website, right? Take a look at how their images are laid out and what kinds of designs the event photos are showing. This may answer all of your questions for the event planner that is right for you and your corporate event. How accessible does the planner make themselves in terms of collaboration and communication with you? With so many moving parts in event planning you want to be in close contact with your planner, so pay attention to how well these communication channels have been created. Take a look at previous client reports and see what types of venus were used and the overall look of those events in order to gauge how relevant it is for you. You should go as far as contacting some of the previous clients in order to gain a better understanding of how the event planners made their event into a successful one. Maybe you happen across some hidden rates or avoidable complications that could dissuade your decision. It would be better to realize these elements now than later in the planning process or as the event date approaches. All in all, you want to be sure you’re choosing a planner that will stay in contact with you, make adjustments according to your needs and ensure a memorable and smooth event.

3. Meet the company

Now it’s time to get down to the brass tacks. In order to get to the negotiation process, it’s necessary that you take the time to meet with the company. It is the best way to establish a rapport with the company, but it will also benefit you in the briefing session where you can download to the event planner all of your preferences and specifics. This will allow them to create a more quality profile to ensure the right event for you and its success. This is also the information session where you can have all of your concerns and questions addressed and answered. You can potentially negotiate rates during this stage depending on how well they have profiled your event for you.

Ultimately, when seeking out the best corporate event planner in Miami you will need to develop some event goals. These will be based off some of the elements listed above. Deciding on the purpose of the event is essential in launching some of the work involved in contacting the right event planner. Some of the larger events take a huge effort of collaboration and planning between the client and the planner, so while keeping communications in mind you should also develop a strategic budget and double-check that everything will operate on the day of the event from your side. And most important of all: do not forget to follow-up after the event. If you follow these general guidelines you will hopefully develop a better focus on how to find the best corporate event planner for you.