5 Amazing Places to Visit in Jamaica Within Budget

Jamaica, the Caribbean paradise makes for an excellent holiday destination. It is home to several gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, and plenty of other attractions. With relaxing vibes and finger-licking food to offer, vacations in Jamaica guarantee plenty of excitement.

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This article suggests top places in Jamaica and some travel tips to help you on your trip.

Five Amazing Places to Visit in Jamaica Within Budget

  • Seven Mile Beach

Situated on the island’s west coast, Seven Mile Beach is one of the most popular places to visit in Jamaica. Enjoy a leisurely stroll with your loved one or witness the sun go down the horizon. There are also numerous water-sporting activities like glass-bottom rides, scuba diving, and catamaran cruises you can enjoy.

  • Fort Charles

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This was the first fort built in the city of Port Royal between 1650 and 1660 by the English after they captured the island. You can also check out the quaint museum located inside the fort.

  • Bob Marley Museum

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Home to Jamaica’s most celebrated musical legend, Bob Marley, the Bob Marley museum attracts hordes of fans from across the world. The museum also features his former recording studio, which is now transformed into an exhibition hall.

  • Blue Lagoon

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This is one of the most breath-taking natural attractions in Portland, Jamaica. The lagoon is about two hundred feet deep and features clear turquoise waters surrounded by lush greenery. Enjoy diving into the bay or swinging on tree vines.

  • Blue Mountains

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The Blue Mountains is the highest mountain range on the eastern side of the island. The legendary mountain range can be seen from any location in Kingston and stretches across three parishes in Jamaica.

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Travel Tips to Consider On Your Budget-Friendly Trip to Jamaica

  • Norman Manley International in Kingston and Sangster International in Montego Bay are the two international airports offering direct flights with easy accessibility.
  • There are coaches, taxis, rental cars, and buses to travel to and from the airport. Most hotels can arrange for you if requested.
  • Outside Kingston, the bus services are mostly unscheduled. Route taxis are shared with other passengers in quite a few country areas. It is advisable to find out the fare to your destination before you board a taxi.
  • Many hospitals/doctor’s offices do not permit entrance if you are dressed in shorts or sleeveless shirts. Most businesses also post dress codes as a notice on their premises.


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