5 Ways to Increase the Longevity of Air Conditioners

Summers are a nightmare as the increase in global warming has led to unpredictable changes in the climatic conditions all over India. With the scorching heat and the ever-increasing humidity, it is getting difficult to survive without air conditioners during the summer season.


Air conditioners are heat-busters during summers. Some prefer window AC while some prefer split AC. Both type of air conditioners have their own advantages, but it is important to keep up the efficiency of both the type to increase their longevity.

Whichever type of AC you opt for; an essential thing that you should take care of is its longevity and maintenance. The longer the durability, the better the performance of the air conditioner. Understanding the air conditioning system and keep it running efficiently is vital to increase its longevity.

Easy ways to increase the longevity of your split/window AC

  1. The most important part of an AC is the compressor. The compressor compresses the low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas needed for the AC. ACs should maintain a low boiling point by removing vapour from the evaporator. This function is performed explicitly by the compressor. Hence, it is vital to clean the compressor at regular intervals to get refreshing air.
  2. Another significant part of the AC is the air conditioning filter. The filter gets dirty and has to be changed at regular intervals to get pollutant-free air. It is changed every month or every two months depending on the type of AC and its use.
  3. To increase the longevity of an AC, it is vital to replace the evaporator coil from time to time. During the functioning of an AC, the evaporator coil absorbs the heat and transforms it into the cold air and releases it. Replacing an old coil improves the air circulation inside the room.
  4. All window or split ACs have an important part called the refrigerant to absorb the heat and supply cold air in the environment. If, at any time, you find a leak in the refrigerant of the AC, make sure to contact the air conditioning company to check the repair or replace that part at the earliest.
  5. Cleaning the air ducts at regular intervals increases the longevity of a window or split AC. While installing the air conditioner, air ducts are spread throughout the entire room to allow fresh and cool air inside. However, the dust gets collected on air ducts which need to be cleaned regularly to allow the flow of clean and cold air inside the house.

If you keep the above mentioned points in mind to increase the longevity of your AC, buying one will become easy for you.

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