7 Tips For Choosing The Right Concrete Pitless Weighbridge

The popularity of concrete platform/pitless weighbridge is growing exponentially in the commercial market. Concrete weighbridges have immense load-bearing strength and demand minimum maintenance. Hence, it is the ideal choice for weighing bulk loads and heavy vehicles. Besides these value-adding properties of concrete weighbridges, it also offers excellent economic utility. Concrete weighbridges are cost-effective, provide high strength, and are essentially maintenance-free.

Due to the many advantages of concrete weighbridges, it is commonly used over the steel variant to construct pitless weighbridges. These weighbridges mount on the surface with a ramp. It is suitable for sites where you cannot carry out extensive excavation work. Pitless weighbridges do not require any civil work, and they are structured above ground level. The side frames allow you to position the vehicles at the center of the scale. You can pre-cast the approach and departure ramps in concrete. The price of RCC (Reinforced concrete) is very economical. RCC weighbridges do not rust, and they can absorb more vibrations. You can increase its capacity without using extra material, which allows you to regulate the concrete weighbridge price.

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There are several benefits of deploying a concrete pitless weighbridge. Besides requiring minimum site preparation, the scale above ground level reduces the chance of waterlogging during the monsoon season. You can even relocate this weighbridge type. Platform weighbridge, which uses existing RCC floor or transportable RCC blocks, offers a non-permanent foundation to the weighbridge, enabling you to relocate it quickly, and saves civil costs.

Pitless weighbridges are suitable for heavy-duty weighing of commercial or non-commercial road vehicles. It allows you to track and measure incoming and outgoing goods from your warehouse. It also enables you to check to overload and maintain compliance with the standard regulatory guidelines. With this, you can effectively prevent damage to road surfaces, overpasses, bridges and reduce collision risks. If you want to buy a concrete platform weighbridge, you need to consider the following points.

Robust Load Cells

Load cells are an essential component of weighbridges. You can either use digital or analog load cells. Digital load cells provide greater measurement accuracy. While purchasing a pitless weighbridge, ask your vendor to give testimonials about the quality of the load cells, including the details about the load cell assembly. Robust load cells help to maintain the durability and longevity of the weighbridge. In addition, the load cells should offer high resolution, intelligent, error-free compensation for each load cell and facilitate more straightforward and faster corner adjustment.


In a concrete pitless type weighbridge, the RCC ramp work should be at least 3 meters for both sides to allow easy vehicle movement. You can also install vehicle barriers on your pitless weighbridge and use the guide rails. It will enable you to control traffic and help the vehicle to maintain the balance on the weighbridge. Moreover, it will prevent your cars from inflicting any damage onto the platform.

Sturdy Girders & Plates

The platform of the concrete weighbridge should be sturdy to handle the load and absorb the vibrations as the vehicle approaches the platform. Ask your vendor to test and calibrate the weighbridge before installation to ensure that it can hold the weight without enduring any damage. In addition, it should have a robust design that allows for better longevity.

Additional Features

You can ask your vendor to customize the weighbridge with additional features like barriers at entry and exit of the weighbridge. The sensors for the vehicle position and I.P. Cameras Integration with “picture in slip” at weight recording and voice guidance to manage traffic flow can help control, manage, and organize the weighbridge operation. It also allows you to address the risk associated with weighbridge theft and fraud. The weighbridge scales are manipulated on sites to lower the weight of the loaded vehicle and the amount paid for goods.


You need to ask your vendor for a warranty cover of your weighbridge. Warranties help to determine the reliability and quality of the weighbridge. It helps to ensure that the weighbridge is of high quality and is without any manufacturing defects. If the weighbridge succumbs to any malfunctioning in the warranty period, you can ask the vendor to cover it based on the Service Level Agreement. If industry-leading warranty options back your pitless weighbridge, you will bear a low cost of ownership.


You can integrate an ERP/SAP software for your weighbridge. It will offer real-time visibility over the weighbridge system’s data and functioning and make measurement more accessible and faster. In addition, it captures the weight of every inbound and outbound vehicle and helps to execute the desired operation and capture data with ease. 

To Conclude:

These are some of the essential features you need to consider while installing a concrete pitless weighbridge. It will enable you to choose a high-quality industrial product with a highly rugged design, and is economical, maintenance-free, and delivers optimized performance.


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