Skincare Tips Before Your Wedding

Skincare Tips-

When it comes to your wedding, there are obvious searches and choices that you will need to make. And then there are the more subtle things that must be done. One of these is taking care of your skin before your big day. If you want to get your skin in tip top condition for your wedding and let’s face it, who wouldn’t, you will need to be diligent about starting a skincare routine as soon as you possibly can. In fact, we recommend you start as soon as you are engaged. And truly this should be a lifelong endeavor anyway so getting into great habits now is a good thing. There are many things that you can do to promote great skin health. So, let’s get started.

You are going to absolutely love this one. In the days leading up to your big event, we recommend that you schedule monthly facials. Not only will this refresh your skin, but it will help melt anyway any worries or anxieties that you might be feeling with all of the planning that you are in the middle of. Think about this plan for just a minute. You will have a professional aesthetician massaging your skin and scalp which will stimulate blood circulation. Not only will this keep your skin looking super healthy, but you can throw in an extraction which gets all of the dirt out of your pores.

Skincare Tips

Most people don’t think very much about the oils that their skin and body generates, but it is always best to keep that to a minimum in order to look your absolute best. One way to make that happen is by using blotting papers. Blotting papers help keep your face shine free. And always use a mild face wash along with a lightweight oil free moisturizer. If you have oily skin, even though you do not want to add much moisture, you do want to hydrate. Any product with ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid will help your skin in maintaining moisture. If you are prone to breaking out, then make sure you choose a moisturizer that is noncomedogenic. But one thing that you truly need to keep in mind is that no matter what your skin type is, it needs water. For that reason, in addition to adequate water intake, you should start a regimen of watermelon snacking. Watermelon along with grapefruit, broccoli and lettuce are super foods that support skin health.

Pores, pores and more pores. Pores can become a real problem when they become deep. When this happens, they look much bigger on the skin’s surface. To limit this, your best bet is to minimize the depth of your pores by using microdermabrasion, glycolic acid and other chemical peels. These treatments will exfoliate the layers of bad skin and minimize pore surface. Here is something else that you can do for the skin surface. Take regular baths with bath salts that contain sodium bicarbonate. This will break down dry patches and make your skin a sponge for moisture.

While you are treating your face, don’t forget about your lips. It is always easier to protect your lips from getting chapped and damaged that it is to try and repair and heal them after the fact. The best way to do this is to wear SPF 30 on a regular basis in order to keep your lips hydrated. But we digress, we want to make sure that we fill you up with information on how to keep your skin looking fresh. We highly recommend that you find a spa that you trust in order to schedule a series of chemical peels. These peels will help you to slough off dead skin and will at the same time bring fresh skin to the surface. Add a mask for a deep clean. If you have super oily skin we recommend a mask every other day because it will help melt the oily substance in your pores. If you have dry skin, have one applied once or twice a month.

Now, here is a little tip that a dermatologist will advise you about. Even though you have always been taught that you need to use a washcloth when you wash your face, it is not recommended for the health of your skin. Washcloths can actually harbor bacteria. Your best bet, believe it or not, is to just use your hands. If you have that problem pimple, use benzoyl peroxide directly on the blemish. This will dry it right out. In the end, do yourself a huge favor and learn how to treat your skin well so that it will not only be healthy for your wedding, but for a lifetime. We have given you a good start here, it is now up to you to take it to the next level and implement what you have learned.


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