9 Things to Consider When Selecting a Flow Meter


To select the flow meter, there are many things to consider. The flow measurement is an important process to control. The type of flow meter is measured in liquid. Each of the flow meter applications is unique, and flow meter selection is based on the low bid. Read below for more information.

1.  Alarm and alert

The accuracy of the flow meter means you need to know the exact measurements. The meter is connected to the telemetry network, which is used to send the alarm if anything happens wrong. It would be best if you gave confidence when the meter is installed. Other meters are when it comes to time for cleaning. It maintains high flow with low leads.

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2.  Installation

The installation process is something important to consider when I select the flow meter. The requirement of the flow meter varies by the type of flow meter. You need to know the three basics of the installation: incline, insertion, and clamp-on.
The major flow meter technology will require you to manufacture a specific diameter of the pipe. If you do not follow the manufacture’s installation instructions, it can lead to poor accuracy and performance.
The use of an electromagnetic device and differential pressure meters will provide you with the best solution. The meter types will need the straight run because of the sensing technology or feature build in the flow condition technology to remove the swirl and distortion the flow without the straight pipe.

3.  Can you afford the head loss?

This is another important thing you need to check. The loss of the energy or the head that occurs for the water to move through the pipes’ structure, flumes, and flow meter. Heat loss is proportional to the velocity squared and larger diameter across the result of the velocity.

4.  Maintenance

This is another important thing to look for the type of flow meter if you can manage. The requirement of the maintenance ranges from periodic inspection to the cleaning device. You will need to replace the moving part or if it wears out. It would help if you observed various things check the local level specified for all types’ maintenance procedure, plus the instruction included.

5.  Repeatability

When you check on the accuracy, do not forget to ask your flow meter type manufacture repeatability. When you talk about the repeatability in the flow instrument, it is equivalent to the accuracy measurement’s consistency. It would be best if you got the flow to specify the rate. The accuracy measurement can drop at any time.

6.  Data recording and reporting

This is another important thing you need to check on the flow meter. You need to know if the information is monitored and recorded on the flow and total flow readings. It would be best to make sure the operator requires event notifications like the high flow and zero flow alarm. Data sent you to the SCADA system. You will also need the type of output needed.

7.  Accuracy

Do you need to know how accurate the flow measurement is? This will depend on the meter’s purpose. The pressure of the flow meter technology can be measured in the ±0.01 percent of the scales. The measurement of the flow meter billing purpose like water supply authority sells water to the authority and utility.

The regular conditions can also apply to the measurements. The type of accuracy is important to check. Most of the water systems have the permits of the limits and maximum flow, which is used for measuring the daily report of the flow total. You need to know how easy it is to remove the clean or maintain. You need to know how often you may need to visit the site for the checkout. You need to maintain also the cost of the excessive meter used for the water with sediment.

You can still use the solar power meter to help you keep the cost down or replace the battery regularly. This could make work easy for you.

8.  Life cycle

It is important to know the expected life of the flow meter. Your flow meter must have a life expectancy of 25 years or more of maintenance. If you get the expectation of lifespan, which probably falls somewhere between, that could better ides.

9.  Flow range

This is another important factor to look for in the meter type. If you know the pipeline diameter’s flow range, both are the critical factor you need to consider. In some plants like municipal water treatments and plants are designed for the specific flow meter. You will predict the fluctuation because of the seasonal high flow period based on consumer demands. The flow meter is designed for the pipe diameter.


You need to check also for the industrial flow meter if it works best for you. I hope you will know all those things when considering selecting the flow meter of your choice.


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