Baby Acne treatment-Why Newborns Suffers From Infant Acne


Baby acne treatment:

Neonatal acne or Acne infant-um is an acne eruption that occurs in newborns or infants. These pimples can mostly be seen on the nose and adjacent portions of the cheeks. Parents are bound to be concerned over this kind of acne and rash on their baby’s face. However, this type of acne on a newborns skin is common and temporary. In addition, very little can be done to prevent or treat baby acne. Baby acne is temporary and goes away quickly without any treatment.



Why do babies get acne:

Many parents think that pimples occur in teenage, and they panic when suddenly they see their newborns skin breaking out in red bumps. But there’s nothing distressing about it, as baby acne is common, and not a matter to fret over. But the question still remains why babies get pimples? Well, it happens when some of the maternal hormones cross the placenta and get into the newborns body. These maternal hormones help in making the baby’s lung mature prior to birth. Those same hormones are are the reason behind baby acne. This kind of acne is most likely to disappear, when the baby’s age is 4 to 6 months. If the pimples are not gone by the age of 6 months, consult a doctor.


Treatment for baby acne:

Wondering how to get rid of baby acne and how to cure them? Here are the answers!To get rid of the pimples, it is important to wash the baby’s skin with a mild, non-drying soap. Infant acne appears due to clogged oil glands, so its important to keep the baby’s skin clean and dry. Instead of using a soap, dip a cotton ball in warm water and mildly wipe the baby’s face to cure pimples. Do not apply lotions unless the baby’s skin is severely dry as lotions can clog the pores. Use a moisturizing baby wash until the acne clears. When the baby’s back, neck and chest are not affected by acne, apply a mild lotion to these areas. Another treatment for the acne is to keep the baby’s face dry whenever he spits up during feeding, as prolonged moisture can increase chin acne.


To quickly get rid of the pimples, do not let the baby scratch his face, otherwise the pimples can get infected and cause a serious skin condition. Use baby powder as a treatment for baby acne. Wiping baby powder gently across the problem areas can help cure pimples. Breastfeeding mothers can consider changing their diet because some sweet or citrus fruits also cause skin problems in newborns. Also, consult the doctor to know if the pimples are appearing after starting a medication. And also available right medicines at online chemists to get rid of from pimples. Some prescription drugs can cause acne, and so the doctor may be able to suggest an alternative that wont give the baby any eruptions.


Conclusion: There are very less options to prevent baby acne and they should absolutely not be treated like adult acne. It is a harmless condition and usually clears up after a few weeks. If baby acne refuses to go over time, consult a doctor about possible treatments.


To sum it all up:

Baby acne is a harmless skin condition seen on infants. It is extremely common in newborns and does not indicate any kind of skin problem. Acne is also found in adults but if we avoid having a lot of make up which has more amount of chemical. We must do natural mineral make up instead.



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