Beautiful Places To Visit


All those who have itchy feet and are looking forward to make a trip to a great holiday destination should consider visiting Spain. There are innumerable places in Spain which will inspire your awe with their beauty. Enumerated here are some of the beautiful and sought after destinations in Spain that are a must visit.

Plaza de San Jose: 

Beautiful Places To Visit

This is an architectural wonder of Spain and one of the most beautiful places to visit of Spain. The plaza was designed by an illustrious Spanish architect: Vincente Gulttierez. It is located in the province of Salamanca. The beauty of Baroque architecture is awesome. This is a perfect place to visit for hangout and people of all ages flock here. Besides this, it is the place which is best suited for having a spectacular view of the town and the adjoining places. The place is crowded both by young and old. Even localities love to visit this place frequently and it is a must-visit for tourists visiting here from across the globe.

Pubeblos Blanca’s in Andalucia:  
These white villages dot the rugged hillsides in Central Andalucia. These villages were primarily used for farming purposes. Many visitors love to explore the unspoiled charm of these villages. The narrow lanes, the lined-up villages all white washed and age old churches are the beauty of the Pubeblos Blancos in Andalucia. Some of the notable villages frequented by the travelers are Grazalema, Arcos de la Frontera and Vejer de la Frontera.

Picos de Eurpoa:  
Those who love to be in the midst of nature’s serene beauty should not miss the opportunity of visiting Picos de Europa in Spain. This is the most scenic place in Spain. Whether it is sandy coastline, or the peaks of lofty Picos de Europa mountain ranges, the place has some of the most wonderful scenes to offer. Sports lovers who visit Spain with the purpose of indulging in adventure sports like water rafting and snow shoeing must visit this place in Spain. The amalgamation of raging rivers and verdant valleys have made this place a perfect place for hiking. The wildlife found here includes the endangered species of Wolves and Cantabrian brown bears.

The Alhambra-Granada:  
Alhambra is one of the Spain’s frequented monuments because of all the good reasons. The snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada offer a spectacular view. The monument is visited mainly by starry-eyed couples because the Moorish style decorated interiors of this monument offers a romantic ambience.

Almodovar Castle:  
This is one of the oldest and the most popular castles of Cordoba province. The castle is an age old heritage of Spain. The interiors of these castles as meticulously designed. Besides this, travelers visiting to Almodovar castle can have the eye-popping view of the Cordoba city. It is one of the best and the most beautiful travel destination in Spain.

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