Consider These Top Five Factors before Building a home foundation



Meticulous Planning

When you buy a ready-made home that is well-furnished and reflects your style, you will be more than willing to make it your own at the price it is being sold. But, when a huge number of houses do not meet your needs, you get frustrated and need a house custom-built.

If you are in the process of building a home foundation a new home right from scratch, you must make special efforts to plan it thoroughly. Meticulous planning serves to give you a clear picture of how do you build a home you want to  to the last brick. Even when you have a fairly good idea, only a house modeling agency will be able to help you by giving professional and practical advice regarding these matters.

Attend to Macro and Micro Elements

Please note that building a house is not all about designing a general layout for your house and paying money to the house modeling agency. In fact, you have to contribute at every stage of the planning activity. The macro concepts like the number of rooms, area of each room, placement of every little thing in your house, ventilation of the house, room for entry of sunlight and exit of exhaled gases, placement of chimney must be paid special attention.

The micro concepts like the attic, basement, accessibility of bathrooms by guests, ergonomics of furniture and other items of utility, elements that increase grace and spaciousness in the house, light penetration, and general comfort & aura of the house need to be considered well before building a house or carving out an appropriate design.

Avoid Awkward Mistakes

It is amusing to note that at times, the house looks well-built at the outset but has a really very awkward design. For instance, when you have a bathroom door facing the door of the drawing room, the guests will be stunned to face someone coming out of it. Similarly, if the bathroom door is facing the kitchen, it may prove unhygienic as the former will be the ground of millions of microbes which may gain easy entry into the latter thus contaminating food and water. You don’t want to fall ill only because your kitchen was wrongly placed close to the bathroom.

It’s good to have a spacious house, but if the height of your house is too much for your needs, you will need to hire a camel on which you can sit and clean the upper parts of walls. This may seem funny, but some contractors do make that weird mistake while building homes. The extra space is a waste and proves difficult for the house owners to clean and decorate the house on their own. In such instances, you need to hire or buy a really huge ladder or a frame scaffolding to reach out to inaccessible areas and corners of your house.

Contribute Your Bit

Many people choose to buy good quality wall paints and carry out the painting activity on their own. For such people, buying good quality construction supplies like frame scaffolding, paint brushes, durable and water-proof paints, etc. becomes essential. It is a good idea to paint your house yourself especially if you are willing to carry out some artwork on your walls.

Wall Insulation

One important thing to bear in mind is the insulation of the walls of your house from inside. This is an important part of temperature regulation in the house. In order to reduce loss of heat by enabling better insulation, you must go for cavity walls than solid walls. When the temperature regulation done by the walls is perfect, you don’t need external coolers or heaters for that purpose so much. You save a lot of money of these and put it to better use.

Some people prefer to get a shapely hole carved inside a wall in order to facilitate easy transfer of certain items from one room to another. For example, you can juxtapose the kitchen beside the drawing room so that in case you have a party, you can easily transfer food and drinks from kitchen to the drawing room through the stylish hole carved in the common wall.

Plan smartly, save space, increase comfort, curb costs, prettify your house with inexpensive yet elegant items and do whatever you can to make your house the best for your comfort and the best you can offer a guest to visit.

By Jayden Henrii


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