Know The Health Benefits Of Red Cabbage

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Health Benefits Of Red Cabbage

Ever thought how red cabbage that often gets ignored may have high nutritional value? Packed with antioxidants, minerals and amino acids, the inexpensive vegetable provides good health and a beautiful skin. With a slight peppery flavor, it is more nutritious than green cabbage. You can cook the vegetable with less oil to retain its goodness or consume it raw. Juices made with red cabbage are an excellent way to detoxify your digestive system as well as boosting your body with the vitamins and minerals present in it.  so is cabbage good for you ?Try below tips to get health benefits of red cabbage:

Heal yourself this summer with the 10 health benefits of red cabbage:

1. Strengthens immunity

Benefits Of Red CabbageRed cabbage is an excellent immunity booster. It contains high amounts of beta-carotene; an oxidant that gets converted to Vitamin A. This vitamin is needed by the immune system to strengthen. It is also loaded with vitamin C, which is again an antioxidant that checks free radicals and improves immunity. The vitamin E present in red cabbages helps in producing more antibodies to boost your immunity. Moreover, red cabbage has 10 times more iron than green cabbage, which is another factor that strengthens immunity because iron is needed by the immune system to develop new cells.

2. Prevents cancer

The cancer fighting phytonutrients present in red cabbage prevents formation of cancer cells and tumors thereby protecting you from the disease. Red cabbage is a good source of glucosinolates that convert to isothiocyanate compounds. Various studies show that this compound prevents various types of cancer in the body including bladder and prostate.  A high amount of flavonoids present in the form of anthocyanin has an anti-oxidizing effect on the body, which prevents the growth of cancer cells. Another compound that is found in red cabbages in high quantities is indoles, which convert cancer causing estradiol hormone into a safer form of estrogen in women to prevent breast cancer to a great extent.

3. Promotes weight loss-cabbage calories

Red cabbage has been used extensively in weight loss diets because of its low calorific value and a large number of nutrients present in it. One cup of cooked red cabbage provides as little as 33 calories. It is high in fibers, which aid weight loss naturally. Each serving contains around 2 grams of dietary fiber, which is pretty high as compared to other fruits and vegetables. It keeps you sated for a longer time and reduces food cravings. Apart from this, the high nutritional value aids in providing your body with the essential nutrients even when you are dieting and restricting food consumption. Moreover, red cabbage has a negligible amount of fat and zero cholesterol which further assists in losing weight effectively.

4. Relieves peptic ulcers

If you are suffering from peptic ulcers, red cabbage can be a good incentive to add in your food. It has long been used to treat symptoms of ulcers. The presence of glutamine, which is an amino acid helps in curing peptic ulcers efficiently. Moreover, the antioxidants present in the vegetable eases inflammation.

5. Relieves sore muscles and joint pains

Cabbage is known to contain lactic acid, which instantly relieves sore muscles. You may apply leaves of red cabbage directly on your skin to reduce soreness. It also helps in combating joint pains effectively. Crush some red cabbage leaves and wrap it in foil. Now warm it in a microwave oven. Apply this to the painful joint and wrap it with a bandage. Leave this for an hour or until the wrap cools. You will find relief and enjoy the inexpensive and natural way to fight joint pains.

6. Prevents premature aging of skin

Since red cabbage has high amounts of antioxidants and other non colorful vegetables, it can help in preventing aging. The antioxidants Vitamin E and Vitamin C, both of which are essential for healthy skin, works together to provide you a long lasting youthfulness. The outer leaves of red cabbage are particularly high in vitamin E. This vitamin helps in repairing damaged cells and keeps skin hydrated. It prevents premature aging of the skin. On the other hand, Vitamin C slows down the rate of damage caused by free radical and reduces the sunburns caused due to exposure to UVB rays. Studies show that consuming Vitamin C reduces the chances of skin cancer caused due to long term exposure to the sun. Apart from this, it also reduces dark spots from the surface of the skin and increases the formation of elastin, which in turn reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

7. Prevents osteoporosis

Keeping your bones strong and healthy, particularly at old age is extremely necessary to keep away from bone problems and even osteoporosis. The ailment is caused due to inadequate supply of calcium to the bones. Since red cabbage is packed with high amounts of calcium, it helps in maintaining good bone health. It replenishes the depleted calcium from bones thereby reducing bone and joint problems as well as osteoporosis.

 8. Promotes brain health

High amounts of Vitamin K and anthocyanins present in red cabbage helps in increasing concentration and improve functioning of the brain. The anthocyanins help in preventing the formation of plaque in the brain reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s diseases. Red cabbage also ensures proper functioning of the nervous system by supplying adequate amounts of iodine to the body. Not only this, it also normalizes the functioning of endocrine glands. Therefore, it is a great brain food and this could be the biggest motivation for including it into your diet.

9. Aids digestion

Red cabbage is loaded with fibers and other minerals needed for a good health. The fibers help in improving digestion and eases constipation. The sulphur present in the vegetable detoxifies the body and cleanses bowel. Enjoy the vegetable raw in your salad or make a detox juice to increase metabolism and improve digestion.

10. Heart healthy

No doubt, cabbage is a heart healthy food. Consuming it on a regular basis may help in the prevention from heart inflammations. Heart attack is caused due to blockage in the arteries, which are initiated due to inflammation in the area. Since red cabbage is high in antioxidants which combat inflammation, there are lesser chances of heart disease. Moreover, red cabbage provides adequate potassium to the body, which lowers blood pressure and maintains heart health.

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