10 Common Fallacies To Kill The Bed Bugs

10 Common Fallacies To Kill The Bed Bugs
Bed bugs, a common problem that people face but fail to recognize timely, so don’t pay attention to the treatment. There are also many myths and misconceptions regarding the treatment of bad bugs. If you know what works well to save time and money, as well, you need to read the lines below to kill the Bed Bugs. DDT Can Help The Right Way
It’s the cheapest way to tackle the bed bug issue. Instead of worrying about the bad health impacts that DDT cause, focus on how it works. DDT makes the nervous system go backfire because it binds to the cells’ sodium pores, which causes sodium to flood the cells. These days, pyrethrum pesticides are used for bed bugs, for which the bed bugs develop resistance. These pesticides work the same as DDT does. The resistance of pyrethrums would be the same if the bed bugs have a genetic mutation.

Use Bug Bombs
These are also called as room defoggers and kill the bugs by releasing pesticides into the room. Pyrethrin is the main component of this product to treat the influx. Most of the times, bed bugs find some deepest corners of the home when pesticides are released. For effective treatment, pesticides should be applied in all the hidden places, as directed. As a bug bomb can’t reach all the corners of your home, so it’s the least effective treatment for the bed bug problem.

Discard The Infested Furniture
If the attack of bed bugs is severe, then you will have to get rid of the heavy furniture that is infested. If the bed bugs have moved inside the mattresses through torn cover, then it would be almost impossible to treat the problem. A mattress encasement can be a good option to keep them inside the mattress. You can also contact a good pest control company for your home fumigation. It can be a good way to save your furniture.

Use Bed Bug Sniffing Dog For Bugs Detection
Many pest control companies have started using sniffing dogs to detect bed bugs. The detection service is usually offered against $500 to $1,000. The success rate is as high as 90%. However, the claims require immense testing to confirm these claims. The recent studies about these claims involve restricted environment. The research of Rutgers University researchers revealed in this year that the accuracy of the claims has been just 43%. They based their conclusion on experiments performed in real apartment buildings.

Apply Heat Treatment
It’s an effective remedy to kill the bed bugs. Approximately, 120 º F temperatures is required for an hour to kill the bugs. This temperature should be applied to everything there in the home. Professionals use the process of enclosing home and applying different heat resources in different home portions to raise the overall temperature. Avoid using propane heater, grill, or any other portable heat source for bedroom bed bugs killing.
Apply Cold Treatment
Just like bed bugs can’t tolerate heat, they can’t tolerate extreme cold as well. It requires keeping the home below freezing point for almost a month. The best trick to let the temperature drop rapidly. Slow dropping of the, temperature will cause the bugs to go into diapause unless they become active again.

Let Them Die Starved
Bed bugs feed on blood meals and that’s the way their reproductive cycle works. If they don’t find a host, they will die sooner. You can leave the home for some time and stay somewhere else to let them die due to starvation. However, bed bugs can live 3 months to a year without a blood meal, so leaving home might not be an effective strategy.
Use Mattress Cover To Prevent Beg Bugs
To prevent bed bugs from entering into the mattress, use mattress cover. Mattress encasements are available in the market in any size, so you can get one good for you if you are quite concerned about bed bugs. It will either keep the beg bugs from entering the mattress or trap them inside if they are there.
Use Any Bed Bug Killing Product
While buying any pesticide control product, do check whether the product is registered with E.P.A. If it’s not like that, don’t rely over the claims. Many companies offer room Foggers carrying brethren, but such chemicals don’t reach the hidden places of the bed bugs.
Right Pesticide Is The Bets Choice
Pesticides serve as the best and most effective way to kill the pesticides. However, other than just spraying the pesticide, you also need to do regular housekeeping and cleaning. It’s due to the reason that bed bugs can’t be applied to each and every thing of the home. Do launder every washable thing in hot water and use the steam to carpets and other furniture. You can acquire the services of some experts like mattress cleaning Dubai, to keep your carpets and furniture safe from bugs. Have you tried any of the above-mentioned remedies to kill the bed bugs? Are these just fallacies or they do work? If you know any other effective bed bug killing remedy, do share in the comments below. Your sharing would be considered much valuable.
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