Bible Resources-Jesus did not just “follow the crowd”

Bible Resources-Jesus did not just "follow the crowd"

It seems an unspoken paradigm in contemporary society that people (in general) tend to follow the crowd as per Bible Resources, at least in terms of their behavior.

This statement is meant to annoy those that do not and it certainly does not apply to everyone.   It is a general observation.  If, for example, one is standing at a corner and the light is not the right color most people wait for the first person to cross (knowing they shouldn’t).  It seems once one person does start to cross at the corner, then other people think it is okay to follow them.  If the first person does not cross, then sometimes no one does.

Bible Resources-Jesus did not just "follow the crowd"

Humans And Sticking Out

Why don’t humans like to stick out, in general?  What is wrong with sticking out?  It is easier to feel justified if you are not the only one that does something.  Most people tend to follow the crowd in general, and one perceived reason is not wanting to think of yourself as “crazy.”  Along with this, many will do things such as collect incorrect information to justify what they are saying.  The humans brain can be quite illogical at times.

Many it is because humans can be evil and scoff at others who fail.   Gossip seems ubiquitous and it can be a powerful influence in daily life.  Don’t you usually feel better when there is someone or something to back you up, rather than just fending for yourself?

Another reason people do not like to stick out is because many people don’t like the concept of responsibility.  If you are the one venturing out to make a decision, then you are the one responsible for the consequences. There is a small percentage of people who seem to thrive on venturing, but it seems that the majority do not.   It also seems the fear of failure is ingrained in the human psyche, for one reason or another.  Many choose just not to try, in general, because it is easier.   People tend to do what they can to not look bad in front of others.  It is even said some people lie just to go along with the majority and not stick out.

How does the bible  guide 2015 us regarding following a crowd? 

The Bible  resources is supposed to be a guide for us in everyday life.  Exodus 23:2 reads,

Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong.  When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.

It seems to blatantly contradict things like using incorrect information to back up what you are saying, like the ones mentioned who lie to fit in.

Indeed, Jesus did not just “follow the crowd” in doing what made sense to humans as per Bible Resources.  For God the Son to have to suffer injustice and verbal and physical pain seems absurd to the average human.  He, of course, is the example to follow.

Siding with the crowd might be the easiest thing to do. This example, however, applies to more than just testimony.

Aren’t the people who capture your attention the ones who go above and beyond and out of the ordinary?  Going beyond the realm of what happens daily is what makes them memorable.  Most people would not be interested in a movie where a person just played it safe and did what everybody else did.  Following the crowd does not set you apart, if that is what you want.

To get more meaning out of life it is probably a good suggestion to try to think for yourself, and not to just be a follower.

Do YOU follow the crowd?

About the author:  Albert Wagner is an active member at an Orthodox Catholic House Of Hospitality and a non-profit for the homeless and the jobless.  He has also been an active reader and likes databases, spiritual philosophy and dogs.


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