Kitchen gadgets- 5 things you should know before buying them

Kitchen gadgets- 5 things you should know before buying them

The US people fork out copious amounts of money for kitchen gadgets, every year. There has been an astronomical increase, year after year. The main reason for the splurge among the customers is the internet marketing boom and the improved techniques various companies use for advertising their products. Furthermore, the customers are making informed decisions before finalizing a particular brand or a product. Utility and customer satisfaction ratings are the foolproof yardsticks the customers use to make sure they get for themselves a decent kitchen gadget. Otherwise, you will be in jitters and have to visit an appliance repair company off and on.

Thanks to internet marketing, there is a notable surge in the sales of kitchen gadgets along with the price of these appliances. Now lots of customers prefer online buying rather than going to brick and mortar shops.  With the help of so many social media influencers, the customers get the appropriate information they want. In spite of all these parameters they use to judge the cost-effectiveness of their kitchen gadgets, is there some more the customers need to know?

Yes, now let is get on to the things that should be the guiding factors a customer should bear in mind before choosing a gadget either you are choosing the best mixer grinder in India or best water heater for your home. You must follow these points.

  1. Check for false claims:

It is true that many futurists have predicted a time when the gadgets will do all the work accurately with very minimal instructions, in the future. The idea of kitchen automation is awesome, indeed!  What is the reality of the present? Many companies resort to wrong claims in the advertisement in order to push their products to the customers.

It is true that many of the customers are lured into thinking that modern kitchen gadgets really make life beautiful. The device may appear to be very elegant and classy. Go through the operation manual before making the final decision. Many customers buy gadgets to realize later on that it is not that easy to use them. Convenience should be the guiding factor while making a purchase decision. Check for the dubious claims of the company. If the product is easy to use for all the members of the family, buy it. Buy it from only trusted and authorised stores.

  1. Easy to maintain:

Most of the kitchen gadgets are very difficult to clean rather than using it. If the kitchen gadget has so many parts, it becomes a daunting task. No wonder, women keep them in the display rather than with the regular use utensils. Now, the first point gains even more importance. If an appliance is not easy to use, it becomes obsolete even without using it. Always buy a gadget that is easy to maintain as well as handy to use. So that before buying any utensils check out the guidance for the maintenance.

  1. Difficult to clean:

Kitchen gadgets should be rinsed well before you leave the kitchen. Otherwise, the leftovers will spoil your health. If any company claims that the gadgets don’t need to be washed and cleaned every time you use your blenders or crushers, don’t take it seriously. Adamant stains should be scrubbed and washed properly to avoid falling ill. If you put in some extra effort to clean the appliance, it will have an ill effect on your maintenance bill. A tiny speck of garlic or onion is enough to hamper the working of your gadget.

  1. Complicated modern gadgets:

If you look at the features of modern gadgets, it will be a three in one appliance or a combination of two or more traditional kitchenware. Take an example of a breakfast maker that has an egg poacher, bread toaster and an attractive coffee maker all in one kitchen device. It is very difficult to maintain as well as it is costly. It is economical if you buy them separately. These two factors push the price up tremendously. Therefore, people prefer to buy convenient, traditional kitchen gadgets to modern utensils.

  1. Increasing health hazard:

We all know that modern appliances consume more power. There is one lesser known fact that all the kitchen appliance from simple to complicated ones give out an immense heat. This is very bad for health and for the environment too, as they increase the emission of the greenhouse gases. The customers before scurrying to possess most modern kitchen gadgets, have to think about energy conservation and environmental pollution. The US government is continuously taking many initiatives to protect the environment. If you really want to be a part of the government initiative, check whether the modern gadget you are buying really helps you in low power consumption.

Tips to choose the best gadget:

All kitchen junkies who are keen on preparing environment-friendly and healthy food following are the tips to choose the best gadget.

  • Choose for the gadget that cooks at low temperatures. Energy efficient cookers are an awesome alternative to boil rice or cook veggies. If you turn off the appliance 5 minutes before time to allow it to cook with the heat already in the appliance, it is awesome!
  • Buy a single gadget to save money and maintenance cost.
  • Prefer gas stoves to conserve energy.
  • Buy an appliance that doesn’t emit too much of heat.

In short, buying the kitchen gadget can be a tiresome job because of the huge variety of gadgets available in the market. Moreover, there are many different companies that are manufacturing products that are almost similar to their nearest competitors. When you choose a kitchen gadget, considering only the appearance doesn’t do good to you. Thoroughly go through the instruction manual to know the product inside out. Take life lessons from various customers on different websites. There are many reputed writers on various social media who help consumers by sharing the features and disadvantages of these kitchen gadgets. After all, you can’t spend a fortune for appliance repair if you select a wrong kitchen gadget!