BlurSPY- Best Android Spy App for monitoring Kid’s

BlurSPY Best Android Spy App for monitoring Kid’s

BlurSPY- Best Android Spy App for monitoring Kid’s

BlurSPY is a spy and monitoring app for android devices, phones as well as tablets. As the name implies, the app works in the background and spies on the target device. The owner of the target device will never realize he or she is being monitored by someone with an app. The app works flawless and offers a good number of features.

Where and When to Use BlurSPY App?

BlurSPY- Best Android Spy App for monitoring Kid’s

As we said this app spies and monitors other android devices. You can use cell phone spy app to extract information and data from anyone’s phone. In other words, you will hack their devices with this app. It will allow you to get a lot of information with different commands. This is the best thing about it and many people are using it. They have experienced a great use with the app.

When it comes to who should use it and why they should it, three people are target of the device. First, the parents who are worried about their children and want to improve their online as well as offline safety. Second, any spouse who doubts the activities of their partner and are eager to find the truth. Third, an employer or a business owner who thinks his or her employees are abusing the company resources, sharing important details with others and can cause the company financial losses.

BlurSPY has all the best features for every kind of monitoring. We are going to guide the users how they can use this app, activate the features, what different features do and how you can optimize its use. But before this, the people who want to install BlurSPY Android spy app on any device should understand the legalities involved. You need to make sure you spy on others in the right and legal ways to avoid any future problems.

How to Use BlurSPY Android App for Spying?

The procedure to install and use the app is really simple.

You should get the app. There are different plans with varying features. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
You will be provided with a link to install the app.
To install this app on target device, which you want to monitor, you should get physical access to open and the link, download the app and install it.
Once you have bought the BlurSPY app, you will go to the user log in interface.
Add your credentials and it will give you access.
Once you have access, you can check the dashboard. All features and commands are given there.
You can turn on any feature anytime when you want to spy on the target android device.
The app will work and the files or data will be uploaded in the dashboard.

What Features Does BlurSPY Offer to Spy on Android Phones?

This app has every best feature you will need to spy on the android phones. Below is the list of top features with their uses and how you can use them to monitor your target device.

Call Tapping Feature

With this feature, you can manage all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Check the details like time, durations as well as the phone numbers of all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Restrict any call by blocking the number, if you want to not get calls from any number.

Tracking Text Messages

After tapping phone calls, you can also track the text messages. The features give you details like the text body of every message, time and the phone number of the recipient. You can also block messages from any number with this feature.

Track GPS Location

With BlurSPY, the users can also track the live GPS locations of the target android device. The app shows the weekly list of all locations that were visited by the target person. You can mark some areas as safe and unsafe to get alerts when the target person goes there.

Checking Multimedia

The multimedia of any phone includes gallery, images, audio files as well as the voice messages stored on the phone. This feature has been given to monitor the multimedia on any phone.

Tracking Social Media

Apart from what we discussed above, the app also lets the users hidden screen recorder for social apps. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp and many other social sites can be tracked and spied with BlurSPY app.