The Most Breathtaking Road Trips In The Land Down Under

Australia, the sixth largest country on the face of the earth, is a euphoric haven best known for its mystical charm and incredible diversity. As a tourist in the “Land Down Under”, you get a taste of a dazzling medley of multicultural melting pot destinations, beaches, forests, reefs, deserts and mountains. What’s more, you get to lay eyes on a spectacular collection of intriguing and one-of-a-kind animals, such as the famous kangaroo, wombat, wallaby, platypus, dingo, echidna and koala. On top of it all, Oz boasts a delectable fusion of Pacific-rim and European culinary goodies that will surely please your palate.

Breathtaking Road Trips

Enjoying a classic breathtaking road trip is truly one of the best ways to experience the true essence of this blissful destination. As you drive along the breathtaking landscapes of Australia, you get to experience a memorable and genuine outdoor adventure that will take you to the celebrated natural wonders of the Australian outback like Mount Augustus, Jewel Cave and a whole lot more. As a bonus, driving can help you save a fortune from your getaway to this utopia. After all, a road trip adventure fuses your transportation and accommodations into a single commodity.

But, as you plan a road trip to this country, you will be facing be an inevitable problem in choosing a trail for your trip. From epic 4wd outback adventures and self-driving vacations to short road trips, Australia has a wide variety of driving trails and tourist paths to offer to tourists with adventurous souls. Thankfully, this guide contains a handful of information that will help you choose the best driving paths in the country. In addition, this guide features tips on what to pack for your Australian driving expedition. As you plan a road trip to the “Land of Wonder”, make sure to take note of these tips and suggestions:

South Australian Loop

The South Australian Loop is arguably the most sought-after driving path in the Sunburnt Country. For more than a week, you will be driving as well as exploring the hidden gems and most beloved attractions of Adelaide, Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island. In this lengthy driving tour, you will be gormandizing on the fine wine and food of the Clare and Barossa Valleys, delve into the mountainous Flinders Ranges, as well as get up close and personal with Kangaroo Island’s awe-inspiring wildlife. Furthermore, you will be swinging by Burra’s historic mining town and take an exhilarating trek into the gargantuan Wilpena Pound.

Great Alpine Road

Zigzag your way along the Great Alpine Road of Victoria, from Wangaratta to the stunning Gippsland Lakes. Stretching over 200 kilometers, this tour is one of the most popular summer driving routes in the country.  With a Great Alpine Road adventure, you get to take in the scenic beauty and countryside charm of the country, as you will be winding through the Australian Alps, forests, valleys and mountains as well as passing picturesque farms, vineyards and rivers. With the numerous astonishing panoramas on display in this trail, it is no wonder a lot of adventuristsplan a road trip to the Great Alpine Road.

Pacific Coast Touring Route

Plan a road trip to the Pacific Coast Touring Route, and explore the eye-catching inlets in Port Stephens, rustic wineries in the Hunter Valley, as well as the verdant hinterland and sparkling beaches in the Central Coast. Do you love to play golf? Then, improve your swing in any of dramatic golf course on the coast of Coffs. From Sydney to Brisbane, this lovely and blissful 7-day tour takes to the mossy rainforest, sleepy villages and sweeping beaches of the country. Of course, this route has an extra element of relaxation and adventure to it.

Road adventure essentials

–          Traveling Buddy. Whether you it’s your best friend, partner or some random traveling, having a travel buddy is an absolute must during your Australian road trip. As you plan a road trip with a buddy, you will be able to pick the route that best suits both your interests. Plus, a travel buddy can make the trip more exciting and memorable, helping you fight boredom when driving.

–          GPS and Maps. A GPS can come in handy during your driving adventure in this country. But sadly, there are some areas in the country where you cannot get connection for your GPS. For that reason, it is downright important that you secure a good and trusted paper map for your route.

–          Campervan. Renting a campervan can be great boon to you, especially if you plan on taking a lengthy road trip. With a campervan, you have a means and transportation and accommodations merge into one. Not to mention, a campervan features a ton of amenities that you would need for your expedition.

–          Satellite phone. As you plan a road trip to this country like you can do here, consider renting or buying a satellite phone. As a road tripper, do not expect to have a reception for your mobile phone very often.


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