Why people still make grammar mistakes when writing

Grammar mistakes and how to fix them when writing-

Grammar is the most crucial element in writing and speaking. The arrangement or words, the spelling and the structure of writing is what actually gives meaning to any piece of writing and as such, avoiding mistakes in this area is not just a necessity but something that impacts the quality of your witting. It saddens me however in this day and age of grammar checker software that we are still making grammar errors even if we don’t know about it. Practically any writer whether a novelist, a journalist or a blogger will in some cases have some embarrassing grammar bloopers and in most cases, these errors may be caused by the following reasons.

Over writing

Grammar mistakes

The term over writing is actually very basic in its meaning because it alludes to the behavior or writing more than expected. For example, if you are writing a story about birds, you may want to dig deep in to different species of birds and other unimportant factors that can only be covered in a book. Talking about the global species of birds in an article or blog is simply not feasible and as such, you will end up fixing so much information in so little words. The chances of making grammar mistakes in this situation are very high and ultimately, you will need to check grammar online and be sure.

Long sentences

The biggest challenge in contemporary writing is to complete a point or two in a short sentence. People have their own writing style and will of course want to be as free as possible when writing. However, if your style involves writing long sentences, then you may be in for a grammar shock. What happens in long sentences is that a simple mishap in punctuation will not only render the whole sentence meaningless but will make it difficult for your reader to connect the dots and understand what you are conveying in your message. If you have to write long sentence, grammar checking them for punctuation errors must be done very effectively.

The use of slang

This often applies to bloggers and you can understand why it is a problem. In a world where social media is practically replacing human relations, a lot of slang words are flying all around the internet and most have become part of the diction spoken in urban settings by teenagers. If you are a blogger with such a specific target audience, then resisting the urge to add a few slang words into your post can be really difficult. In most cases, you will not only make errors with your spelling but you will find that the context of words used is not related to article itself. There is nothing wrong with using slang in blogs especially when you consider that the tone is often casual but then again, you should not let slang be an excuse to damage the integrity of your post with poor grammar check.

Poor proofreading

Some of the most embarrassing spelling and grammar bloopers found in many writings can be easily identified and removed with simple proofreading. However, it’s not always that easy. If you have a deadline of three hours to write a post and make it live on your blog, then proofreading for grammar errors during this limited time frames is not possible. Poor proofreading is the leading cause of poor grammar in the writing world and if avoided, it can really do a lot of good in promoting better and accurate posts, eBooks and even essays.

Making grammar mistakes is not unusual even in professional writing quarters and while there could be other causes of grammar and spelling errors, the ones above are really the most common scenarios today.


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