Buyer’s Guide to Find the Right Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are perhaps the most stylish and practical of all types of window blinds available in the market today. These chic blinds are intended to offer simplicity, unique aesthetics and ease of use. Furthermore, these blinds can effortlessly become an integral part of any home interior.

What is a Venetian blind?

Venetian blinds comprise flat, slim and horizontal wooden or aluminium slats. These slats suspend from specifically-designed ladder cords, which are carefully spaced at regular intervals alongside the window length. These blinds are designed to give variable control to users over their privacy and the amount of natural daylight entering the room. You can easily raise or lower these blinds using the cords without any complicated technique.

So, now that you know all good things about these stylish Venetian blinds, here’s a quick buyer’s guide to help you make the right purchase decision.

How to measure Venetian blinds

You can consult any reputed company offering high-quality Venetian blinds in Delhi. Since these blinds can be fixed both inside and outside your window recess, you need to decide which look you want for your windows. For this, you need to take proper measurements. If you want the blinds to be attached on the inside of the windows recess, you have to measure the width at the bottom, middle and top of the recess.

However, if you want the blind to hang outside the recess, you have to measure the width at the top of the window recess. After that, add a minimum of 7 cm on either side to enable the blinds to overlap the window evenly.

How to select the right Venetian blind

When selecting Venetian blinds in India, you need to consider the material that will suit your interior. You can go for wood, metal or plastic, depending on your personal preference.

Metal (particularly aluminium blinds) are considered to be the most practical solution for bathroom or kitchen, as they are splash proof. So, they won’t get damaged due to moisture and can easily be cleaned using a damp sponge or cloth.

Wood blinds, on the other hand, are used for bringing more organic and softer feel to your windows. These blinds are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and home offices.

Find the right sized slats

Usually, people consider “the bigger the window, the bigger would be the slats.” But so many slats will make a window look overcrowded, whereas large slats can make a small window overwhelmed.

So, to avoid it, you need to think about the look that you want to go for and then pick the slats. Usually, small slats are perfect for modern spaces; on the other hand, wider slats are suitable for traditional interiors.

Cords or Tapes

Well, it’s a personal preference to go with either cords or tapes. However, adding tapes to your Venetian blinds has an advantage of covering the holes that are created by cords. Fewer holes mean less light will enter your bedroom; hence, you get more privacy when needed. With taping, you can even create a contrasting colour scheme in any room.