5 Cognitive-Boosting Playground Designs for Toddlers

Cognitive for toddlers-Stimulating activities and games are important to both the health and wellbeing of all young children. They help to boost their cognitive processes like reasoning, memory, and problem solving, as well as helping them to develop the basic structures of social interaction.
It is, therefore, important that all toddlers should spend some time each day playing and interacting with other kids in a positive and stimulating environment, such as a modern playground or a recreational area.
If you have a garden you can easily buy outdoor play equipment like swings or climbing frames from specialist companies like Maple Leaf Designs LTD or other leading play area suppliers. This can considerably help to enhance your child’s physical as well as mental development.
Below we will look at 5 of the most popular designs in outdoor recreational equipment and the important roles they play in helping to stimulate and develop young children and toddlers.
cognitive for toddlersThe Maze
Kids just love to play in mazes. They stimulate their sense of adventure as well as encouraging them to engage in problem solving situations. The maze is also very good activity for them to socialize with other kids as well as helping them to understand the true value of cooperative decision making. It is one of the best problem solving activities for toddlers as well as young children up to the age of about ten.
The Jungle Gym
The jungle gym can offer endless physical as well as mental challenges for toddlers. These specially designed units are made from safe hardwearing materials that have sure grip pads as well as cushioned flooring to avoid injuries from the occasional fall. There are a range of exercises and activities that can be done on a jungle gym, including climbing, swinging and crawling through the activity pipes. The jungle gym is perfect for the physical development of a child as all areas of the body are exercised as well as stretched. There are also mentally stimulating, as a child will often need to work out the safest route from one side of the apparatus the other. Jungle gyms are readily available from most playground equipment suppliers and can be easily installed into a garden or patio.
The Rope Bridge
The rope bridge consists generally of two small towers joined by the rope bridge. Most have a ladder up to the platform of each tower where the toddler can wait his or her turn to cross. It is a great way for kids to overcome their fear of heights as well as to improve their balance and risk assessment skills. All rope bridges are completely safe and come with safety rails both on the towers and the bridge.
Ball Shooting Towers
Ball shooting towers come in a variety of shapes, colors and designs but are all essentially the same. These towers stand in a play area and the kids shoot balls at them rather like basketball. Kids just love to throw and aim balls and it really helps with both their coordination as well as their hand to eye skills. These shooting towers are very inexpensive and can be erected in your garden or patio very easily. Both toddlers and young kids will get hours of fun from a shooting tower and it will help to stimulate both their physical and mental development.
Play Towers
Play towers incorporate a number of activities, including slides, wobble bridges as well as climbing frames. These are particularly good for stimulating a toddler, as they have numerous options and activities. The play tower will assist in all aspects of a toddler or child’s development.
About the Author :
Alice Chamberlain is an interior designer in heart and a representative from Maple Leaf Designs Ltd. She likes to deal with colors, texture and shapes. She writes about Home Iprovement as well as health and fitness.


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