Lake Garda is northern Italy’s unspoiled alpine playground

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Lake Garda is a different experience from most holidays in Italy. This inland sea is ringed by alpine mountains. The scenery is breath-taking and the choice of activities is wide and varied. Lake Garda can take the visitor back to nature in the wild. Something for everyone Lake Garda sits beneath the Alps and at 370 square kilometres; it is the largest lake in Italy and an important water asset for the whole of Europe. There is something for everyone in Lake Garda holidays, whether they are looking for thrills and spills or just want a relaxing time enjoying the historic towns and villages and awesome scenery.

Unique in Italy 

The best packages for Lake Garda holidays include experiences that cannot be found in the rest of Italy. Halfway between Venice and Milan in northern Italy and close to the Austrian Alps, there are distinct areas where German is spoken. This has produced delicious ‘fusion’ cuisine with sources other than Italian. It’s a place of unique tastes.

Endless variety of recreation 

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At Lake Garda there is a nearly endless list of recreation ideas. The huge body of clean water and the variety of the surrounding countryside mean the area is a superb place for outdoor recreation. The lake is famous for its windsurfing and sailing, but there are many other sports to enjoy. Some of the other sports, not an exhaustive list, include:


Mountain biking



Horse riding




Kite surfing

And then, for the children, there is Gardaland. This vast theme park is between Peschiera and Lazise, on the eastern shore of the lake. It attracts more than 3 million visitors a year. There are six white-knuckle roller coaster rides to choose from among a total of 32 rides. There is also a dolphin park and a fantasy land for younger children. It’s definitely not a restful place to visit, but the children will love it.

There are excursions around the lake and its plateaux for lovers of nature and golf courses. There are more than 1000 kilometres of trails for mountain biking. At Arco is a superb destination for free climbing, with practice walls. But Lake Garda holidays are not only for the outdoor enthusiast. The best packages for Lake Garda holidays include activities of a more relaxed kind. The local villages have fascinating architecture, with charming cobbled streets, many cafes and street markets. A very popular stop for visitors is Sirmione, an historical fortified town. It has the ruined Villa Romana and the famous Rocca Scalgera, a 15th century castle. The Roman poet Catullus once had a villa there and there is a ruined Roman spa. The area has many restaurants, hotels, shops and the Virgilio and Catulla Spa. The sulphur springs are said to cure catarrhal conditions. To get a larger view of the impressive mountains, try the cable car which goes from Malcesine to Monte Baldo.


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