Places To Travel In Germany

Places To Travel In Germany

Places To Travel In Germany

Germany is one of the most visited countries in the world. As per the records on average 37 million foreigners visit Germany every year Also as, per Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Reports, Germany has been rated as one of the safest place to travel worldwide. Below are the preferred destinations to visit

Places To Travel In Germany


It is one the oldest cities in Europe. There are many local places, attractions and activities a tourist can enjoy. – City’s main attractions include Reichstag, the Parliament, the Berlin wall, Museum island, Mauer park, etc. – In museum island don’t forget to visit the Neues museum in the UNESCO heritage site showing you the best Egyptian experience. It is a place not be missed.


Beautiful city to explore. You should visit Rhine River Pass and enjoy a panorama cruise if you can. – There is a number of art galleries, theatres, restaurants and animated bars to visit. Dresden– Great place to have some sightseeing in a bus tour. Must places to visit here are Saxon Switzerland National Park, Semper Opera House, Meissen, etc.


It is a place full of art. Museums and other attractions are worth trying. – Places to visit are the Old town, Schneider Wibel Gasse, Burgplatz, Cart wheeler fountain, Pegeluhr, Stiftsplatz, Media harbour, Benerth palace and park, etc. – If you are going around Christmas season, then you must visit the Christmas market which is an annual event and don’t forget to try Gluehwein (mulled wine) there.


It is located in the main Germany. Having a rich history and a cool nightlife, it offers to you a pool of enjoyment. – Places to visit are Rhine valley, Rothenburg, Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein castle, Fuessen town, and don’t miss the shows at Tigerpalast theatre.


You must have a boating tour to Hamburg harbor. Festival of light by Hamburg’s Alster Lake redefining the beauty of music, fountains and a glass of wine should not be missed.


Here you are going to find a great sea life. – You should visit some inland lakes, coastal river and must have an underwater experience in the deep sea.


This is a city with the charming architecture, beautiful streets, castle perches, etc. – Pick up a map and browse this beautiful city. You should visit Nymphenburg palace, Residenz galleries, Schloss Dachau, Museum Brandhorst, Glyptothek, Pinakotheken, etc.

Munich is also referred as a Toy Town so you will find it better to roam across the streets here.Schwabing is the best place here to browse regional cuisine and boutiques.You can also visit Maxvorstadt that is a university featuring several cultural activities which will amaze your soul.


It is home of historic buildings, spectacular churches, and Germany’s largest pedestrian area. – You should visit Pegnitz River which flows through the city, Nuremberg castle, traditional sausage restaurants, etc. Potsdam– First you should start with sightseeing here as you will find a number of interesting places to visit. – Visit Sanssouci Palace, Mauroascazubi, Artaficionado, Schloss Cecilienhof, Alter market, Russian colony, Film museum, etc.


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