Get Your Skin Ready With These Beauty Tips While Travelling

Get Your Skin Ready With These Beauty Tips While Travelling

It’s vacation time! There is nothing better than flying to your dream destination to enjoy your holidays. What do you say? You might be all set to arrive on an exciting trip, but is your skin also prepared?No matter which mode of travelling you choose, your skin ends up looking awry and bushed. Well, maintaining a skin care regime and looking pretty while  travelling is a little bit tricky, but not impossible!

Here are some tips to keep your skin smiling all the way.

Beauty Tips While Travelling

1.      Set off Your Journey Without Stress

You can enjoy your vacations only if you leave all your stress and tensions at home. Complete your packing at least 2 days before your departure so as to avoid the last moment hassle. If you head out with a smiling face, your skin will also look cheerful. On the other hand, if you will start out your trip with stress, your skin will appear dull and lifeless. So, how you want to make your skin look? Choice is yours!

 2.      Pack for Specific Destinations

If you are going to places with low humidity and temperature, you must have a deep moisturizer in your tote bag in order to shield your skin from dryness. And, if you are travelling to humid and warm places, don’t forget to carry cleansers and exfoliators to get rid of dead cells. Therefore, before leaving your sweet home, check your vanity box so as to ensure that you have put your sunscreen, moisturizer, face wash, toner and all those products that your skin will need to make your voyage more glamorous.

 3.      Skip Foundation

Instead of wearing foundation, put only moisturizer. A tinted moisturizer will help you looking fresh throughout the trip. If you are one among those, who can’t leave the home without putting foundation, then you are suggested to first apply a silicone-based cream or liquid. This primer serves as a protective layer between the makeup and skin. Moreover, it will facilitate in staying the blush and foundation for a longer on your skin.

4.      Apply Moisturizer

Travelling is often stressful and results in dehydration. You can keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. But, when you go to cold places, your skin demands additional hydration. You can fulfil this demand of your skin by applying deep moisturizer.You can also make use of a serum that is affluent in moisturizer, hydrators and antioxidants, so as to thwart loss of water and free-radical damage.

5.      Keep Your Skin Hydrated

It’s a well known fact that drinking lots of water not only flushes out toxins, but also keeps several skin-related problems at bay. Instead of drinking alcohol, caffeinated or sugary drinks, consume fruit juices and water. It will keep you hydrated and you won’t feel lethargic and jumpy.

6.      Stock up on Raw Fruits and Veggies

A long journey can make you bloated and your skin might feel puffy. To get rid of this sticky situation, shun French fries, hamburger, peanuts, chips and all thoseoutside foods. The best way to keep your skin in the pink while travelling is to give it a treat of raw veggies and fruits. You can pack your own nutritious food, like salad, nuts, sandwiches, and fruits (bananas, oranges and apples). These foods will enhance the content of fiber and antioxidants in your body, keeping your skin looking its best.

 7.      Stroke Some Shimmer

Travelling wrecks havoc and takes a toll on your skin. But, if you want to reach your final destination with a glamorous and fabulous complexion, you should use shimmer. Shimmer acts as an instant pick-me-up. Therefore, stroke some shimmer on the bridge of nose and the top of cheeks to perk up your queasy skin.

 8.      Wipe Out the Excess Oil

If your skin is oily, it may get out of control while travelling and become much oilier! Sounds crazy? But, it’s true! When your skin loses water, it secrets more oil to compensate this loss. So, always wipe out this excess oil with the help of a bloating paper; otherwise, your skin will develop acne or unexpected breakouts. The best way to get rid of oily skin is to use face wash after every 6-7 hours.

 9.      Avoid Touching Your Skin

While travelling, your hands come in contact with several surfaces and things that might have bacteria. When you touch your skin with the infected hands, the chances of developing the skin problems increase manifold. So, avoid touching your skin, if possible. Moreover, you can keep your hands bacteria-free and clean with the help of an anti-bacterial sanitizer.

10.  Wear Sunscreen

The windows of cars, buses, trains and even planes can’t filter the ultra-violet rays effectively. So, to protect your skin from scorching and harsh sun rays, apply sunscreen lotion. SPF and antioxidant containing moisturizers or creams will also work quite well. Sunscreen will keep your skin tone even and pigmentation at bay.

11.  Be Ready fora Beauty Rest

Just before taking a nap while travelling, remove all your makeup and rise off your face. Massage the skin around your eyes with a super-rich night cream and wear a sleep mask. This way, you can keep your skin relaxed and fresh while allowing it to repair itself when you sleep.

12.  Rely on the Hand Cream

You must always carry your favourite hand cream in your bag. Apply it on your hands throughout the voyage. It will help you to neutralize the effects of harsh soaps found in public restrooms. Besides, it will also keep the skin of your hands soft and supple.

13.  Perk Up the Skin Around Your Eyes

Reading novel or any other book of your choice helps in trimming down the boredom of travelling. But, continuous reading makes your eyes puffy. Moreover, lack of sleep also develops bags under your eyes. This overall affects your looks. To soothe and lubricate your eyes, put a few drops of rose water. If you are unable to sleep while your journey, just shutting down your eyes will also give you a refreshing rest.

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