What’s involved in a private GP health review

Find out what to expect at a private GP health review, including which tests are covered and how quickly you can be seen.


Sometimes you can’t, or don’t want to, wait for an appointment with a doctor or specialist on the NHS. Luckily it’s easy to access private healthcare within a short period of time – usually you can be seen the next day, or if necessary even the same day.

Although you will have to pay to be seen, rather than wait for your appointment free on the NHS, you’ll be seen much sooner and can rest assured that the doctor is experienced and supported by leading medical specialists.

What do private health consultations involve?

Usually an appointment with a private doctor lasts the same amount of time as with an NHS doctor – around 15 minutes. The appointment will be much the same as seeing your usual GP, and at the end the private doctor can prescribe you any medication needed.

If you have a specific health concern and wish to discuss it with a specialist for an extended amount of time, you can book in for a GP health review. Generally these appointments are more expensive but will give you up to 45 minutes to discuss health issues and for the doctor to carry out any tests you may require.

If you book this type of appointment, prior to your consultation you may need to;

Fill in a health questionnaire before your appointment
Visit the centre beforehand to have a blood sample taken (the results will be discussed during the health consultation)
At the consultation itself your doctor will discuss anything included in your health questionnaire and any current concerns with your health. If required, the doctor can also carry out a physical examination and key health tests. Most health consultations are followed by a short follow up appointment or phone call too.

What tests are included?

The tests carried out at a private GP health review will depend on what health concerns you have. During your private health consultation, the doctor may carry out one or more of the following tests;

Urine tests
Cervical smear
Health measures, such as body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and metabolic rate
Lung age test
Coronary heart disease risk test
Prostate check
Thyroid function check
With many test, you will be able to get the results back on the same day.

How are they different to an NHS GP appointment?

A private health assessment will look at your health and overall wellbeing in greater detail than a normal NHS GP appointment. Since the appointment is longer, you can discuss any health worries at great length with an experienced professional and receive expert advice.

Not only is the appointment longer, but you can also be seen much quicker than you can usually be seen by a doctor with the NHS. Since you are paying for your appointment, most private healthcare providers will try to arrange you an appointment the following day – if not on the same day, for serious medical issues.

Who are they for?

Anyone over the age of 18 can book in for a private GP health review. You don’t need to be paying a regular comprehensive health insurance premium or have private health cover through your workplace.

If you have a health complaint that can’t wait, think about booking in for a private health review.


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