Everything You Need to Know About Buying Cot Mattress

Shopping for a comfortable mattress for your little one can be one of the most dauting decisions for you, especially if you are a new parent. However, don’t worry because there are plenty of ways to ensure that you are making the right decision.

Before you hit the shopping aisle, read the tips below to educate yourself about buying the best cot mattress online.

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1.Choose the right firmness

While you need the absolute best comfort for your child, not choosing the right firmness can be unsafe for your baby. According to experts, a soft and mushy sleeping surface can increase the risk of suffocation. At the same time, you must also ensure that you never put your baby down on an adult mattress. If you want to ensure long term comfort for your baby, then choose a double sided mattress that are specifically designed for infant use. One side of the mattress is firm and the other side is soft enough for the toddler to use safely.

2.Research your options

As far as the mattress construction is concerned, there is a wide range of mattresses available these days, including organic, foam, and innerspring that offer respective benefits to your little one. All of these mattresses are capable of passing quality and firmness test. Growing numbers of researchers and medical experts explain that the best mattress for your child’s safety are the ones that have a flat surface. Avoid buying the quilted or features like undulating surface that are neither safe nor firm.

3.Make sure it’s a good fit

It is important for the mattress to fit the cot perfectly and snugly. For the safety of your child, you must ensure that there is never more than 4 cm gap between the mattress and the edge of their cot when the mattress is pushed all the way to opposite end. Gaps at the side can prove to be potentially hazardous. At the same time, if the mattress fits too tightly, then the sections of it may either bunch together or lose their shape along the edge, thereby making it easier for your toddler to climb out of the cot. This is the reason it is important to make sure that the cot mattress is good fit.

Before you go mattress shopping, make sure that you have measured the size of the crib frame. Apart from checking for size, you must also look for mattress vents that allow the air to flow freely, allowing the moisture to escape, prevent mold, odor, and mildew etc. You must check for small holes along the side of the mattress for better ventilation.

4.Look for safety certification

Good quality mattresses have to undergo strict certification procedures to ensure that they meet the safety standards as set by the governing authorities. Independent and unbiased certification will give you the peace of mind that your little one is going to sleep soundly and safely, even when you are not around. To be on the safe side, you must also look for organic variants to prevent any chemical residue from harming your baby. A reliable manufacturer will include the “organic” certification from a trusted body to their product.

5.Set aside a budget

Be prepared to shell out money for quality but also set aside a budget to make sure you know what you can pay for and what to expect in that price. You can also check for online sales to find good quality at affordable prices. Never cut corners on quality just to save a few extra bucks.

What about second-hand mattress?

If you are worried about the hefty price tag and considering a secondhand mattress, then stop right there. A previously used mattress may neither be safe nor clean enough to put your child on. It may also contain dampness or mold that can risk your child’s health and safety. Therefore, you must always consider buying a new mattress for your baby.

Safe sleeping tips

Here are some of the tips to help you put your child to bed and ensure their safety:

Buy the right cot that meets size recommendations and offers plenty of good reviews
Never put plastic wrapping or any other unbreathable material around your child’s mattress
Put away toys and bumpers to avoid the suffocation risk
Make sure your baby is always sleeping on their back, with feet feet at the base of the cot
Do not use thick blankets or pillows on the cot
Make sure the mattress is firm and safe for use before buying

Use the above mentioned tips to not only buy the right mattress for your kid but to also ascertain their safety while they are in deep sleep!

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