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Memories, thoughts, love and values are all very precious and personal. There could be a memory or a thought that two or more people may share still, each one of them will own them in their way, which makes it distinct. We all wish to preserve what’s precious to us in one way or another. Be it writing a diary daily mentioning regular or special events or capturing moments with a camera or a painting, we as mortals try to keep our joys close to us. These moments later become memories and remind us of our loved ones whom we want to cherish forever in our lives.

Getting a tattoo made in someone’s memory or retaining your values or thoughts could be one such act of keeping your closed ones near you. Well, getting a tattoo for your life or for a brief period of time is completely your choice. But making an effort to get it etched for life is in itself a beautiful gesture. If you are doing it, then why not get it done from the best place? It’s about your skin and your body to get that needle pierced in you and get a tattoo done.

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It is wise to get a tattoo done by professionals. They know the right equipment to use, the right ink and color to pick according to your skin type so that the tattoo comes out better and enhanced. It is important to know about your skin and body before getting a tattoo done or consult the best tattoo shops in San Diego.

You would not want to hurt yourself and spend your money to not get the output as desired. Therefore, it is always better to make up your mind first whether you want to get a tattoo done or not. After that, pick the right area of your body where you think the tattoo could be visible clearly because you would obviously want to cherish it by looking at it reminiscing some important people, moments, or events in your life.

Tattoos, just like paintings, come in all varieties. Big tattoos that cover most parts of your body like getting a tattoo to cover your back will look magnificent and awesomely beautiful. However, a small minimalist tattoo on your finger also looks equally beautiful and ethereal. But it would be better to carefully choose the right place for your body to get a tattoo done and avoid the delicate ones. For instance, getting a tattoo done inside your eyeballs could be dangerous and may lead to eyesight problems in the future.

So, here are the top tips to keep in mind before getting a tattoo done.

Go to Professionals – Always, no matter how far a good tattoo professional is from your place, pick the best of the lot and then hand over your body to get the art done. One can always vouch for the best tattoo shops in San Diego to get a perfect tattoo.

Share everything about your body – Make sure you tell your tattoo artist about your needle fear and body allergies if any.

Pick the design that resonates with you – You can always go for a random tattoo design if you wish to, however, getting a tattoo that has something meaningful behind it will help you like it more.

Decide if you want it for your life – Permanent or temporary, make up your mind and share the thought with the tattoo artist.

Better to avoid sensitive body parts – If you are planning to get a tattoo done on your bones directly, it will hurt. Also, in sensitive areas like the torso, rib-cage, undersides of your arms, inner thighs, and head, getting a tattoo could be a big deal.

Now, that you know what to do before getting a tattoo done, it is equally important to know what to do after getting a tattoo done.

Listen to your tattoo artist: He or she knows about the craft more than you do. Don’t take their aftercare words for granted.

Keep the tattoo-covered: Your artist must tell you to cover the tattoo for 3 hours or so depending upon the size and area where it is made.

Wash the inked area: You know a needle passed through your skin. Keep that area clean to avoid bacteria or any kind of infection coming up. Always wash your hands before touching the newly tattooed area.

Keep your skin hydrated: After cleaning, hydration is another important aftercare step to be followed religiously. Try to keep your skin moisturized by applying good quality skincare creams.

Pick the right clothes: Just after getting a tattoo, don’t wear too tight clothes, especially in the area which has a tattoo. Let your skin breathe.

Stop touching: Don’t touch it to believe it. You know you have the tattoo. Avoid touching or scratching it again and again. If there’s a wound developing in and around the area with the tattoo, consult a doctor immediately.

Avoid too much sunlight: To keep the tattoo colors as they were in real, avoid direct sunlight. Use sunscreen whenever outdoors or cover your body with a nice cloth that doesn’t stick but lets the air pass.

Hope this helps you take better care of yourself before and after getting a tattoo.

Happy tattooing!

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