God answers all prayers sometimes the answer is no

prayers for everything
I believe that my God loves me un conditionally
He cares for me even in bad times
I know that he is with me
You at creation GOD had created man without sin
But man ate what god had told him not to eat
When that happened the relationship with God was broken

And man could not talk to God like before
Because man had disobeyed
But God did not stop loving us

He gave us Jesus Christ his only son
That whoever believes in Him
Will have eternal life
He was born like any other child and lived among his people
In order to save them
But went he grew up he started preaching
But people who wanted fame and thought for him he wanted to rule the world stood against him
 And killed him
jesus christ crucifixion 
But all this was all for the purpose of saving all who believe
On the cross he said it is finished
He meant that the work which he had been sent to do had been done
and he gave eternal life to everyone
Everyone who believes that he is the son of God
and all sins are forgiven because of His dying on the cross
When God is looking at us he does not see our sins
this is because we were washed by the blood of Jesus
and that give us the guarantee to hope to live forever

It is the desire of God that we live forever like he had planned it before man sinned against him
And we cannot do it in any other way apart from believing in Christ Jesus the Lord of our life
We believe with our hearts and God changes us
jesus christ helping people
It is not about the good things we do
It is about believing in Jesus and when we have believed he does all the other work

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