Guide to Increase Sales Within Shopify Store| Tips to Get Started

Guide to Increase Sales Within Shopify Store| Tips to Get Started

The eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid speed. With consumers’ preferences shifting online for everything they need, it is clear that the need for online stores is at its peak. Businesses across the globe are gearing up themselves to build online stores and attract online customers. The rise of building an online store via Shopify comes in. Shopify is a fantastic eCommerce platform with everything to help businesses start their online store in a couple of hours. Several small, mid and large businesses are using Shopify and building their online store. 

Businesses are efficiently managing their online customers, making sales and relishing profits. But with rising competition and increasing the number of same services providers attracting customers to a particular destination is quite challenging. And here is why the sales decreases and online stores face losses. Therefore, to overcome the challenge, the best way is to get into the magic of marketing and the science of sales together. For the same, below is a post providing a guide to increasing sales within the Shopify store. 

Without ado, let’s go ahead!

Top Tips to Increase Sales in Shopify Store

Whether you are an established business looking to scale your Shopify store or a newcomer to the eCommerce game, developing a solid strategy for generating sales on Shopify, here is a brief guide of tips that will help you increase sales in the Shopify store. 

Obtain Consumer Information to Generate Sales

Knowing consumer behavior is essential to making the best sales from the Shopify store. And for that, you need to extract as much valuable information from the user traffic you have.

You may give those visitors the option to convert to various other methods for the fee of their contact information. Once you have their email address and phone number, you may begin marketing to them to increase future sales. Popups, flyouts, chatbots, and on-page fields are all examples of opt-in forms to generate useful information. 

These products, which provide downloadables and discounts, effectively boost conversions. It is recorded that Popups have a conversion rate of roughly 3.1 per cent on average, with the greatest performing ones having a conversion rate of 9.28 per cent. This figure is enough to consider as a tip to increase Shopify sales. Thereby, by integrating chatbots and other options, you can have a way to turn your visitors into customers.

Gear up for Effective Email Marketing

After establishing your lead capture approach, you can begin generating email marketing campaigns to keep your brand in their minds and drive new purchases. To get the most out of that email list, you’ll need to devise a plan based on segmentation and drip email sequences. 

Build good campaigns with a sales pitch, give a brief intro about your service, provide a short to the customers, know about your plans and provide engaging email marketing content. 

Different kinds of email campaigns to generate Shopify sales:

  • Emails of welcome
  • Browse reminders for abandonment
  • Emails sent after a purchase
  • Reminders about cart abandonment
  • Product introductions and company updates
  • Email address for nomad abandoned cart

Go for SMS marketing

SMS marketing is becoming just as vital as email marketing these days. You may deliver marketing messages directly to your clients’ pockets and handbags. With proper opt-in, buyers are more than delighted to receive special offers by text and may even prefer SMS over other modes of marketing. Whereas the average open rate for email marketing across all industries is 18%, SMS available rates can reach 98 per cent. And, on average, those messages are opened within the first 90 seconds of receipt.

You can also go the anonymous route with web push notifications, which require browser opt-in and provide customers with vital nudges right where they purchase without requiring customer information. You can get started with push notifications by using different kinds of apps designed specifically to render this kind of marketing for the Shopify stores. 

Focus on SEO

The dream is to have unlimited traffic. That dream is now a reality, thanks to search engine optimization. To reap the benefits, you need to put in the first effort to make your store SEO-friendly. Shopify features excellent built-in SEO settings, including updatable meta fields (title, description, URL slug), automatic sitemap generation, 301 redirects, and canonical URLs. 

This ensures that your homepage, product pages, collections pages, and other pages are indexed and searchable by the major search engines. Aside from typical eCommerce store pages, you may develop a start marketing plan by creating backlinks to essential keywords in your business. SEO marketing will increase the organic traffic to your website, generate leads and bring more revenue to your businesses. 

Start With Blogging

It may appear complicated, but blogging increases the number of opportunities for clients to find you while also raising your ranking potential. The more pages you have, the more likely you will appear in search results to target shoppers who aren’t ready to buy yet and nurture them through meaningful and exciting content.

Blogging and content marketing on Shopify also generate potential for backlinks (links to your website from other websites). Backlinks are one of Google’s top three ranking indicators, so the more you have, the better. Make sure the content is informative, interactive, engaging and generates sales for your customers. For this, you can refer to some of the top of blogging sites and know the consumer preferences of information they want. 

Use Video and Engaging Media

You can create dynamic and engaging product pages with video, 360-degree pictures, and customer reviews. These enticing assets increase the amount of time people spend on your website. But make sure your media is relevant. Cross-publishing your video material on YouTube can also help you improve your SEO. Google will consider your product pages more appropriate if they are engaging. As a result, the search engine will elevate your store to the top rankings. 

Using attractive media keeps customers enticed towards your stores. More they are creating more, it is good for you. If possible, go for augmented and virtual reality in your Shopify store for better user engagement. Using AR and VR technology is the latest trend in helping businesses turn their visitors into customers. Be it showing products online or displaying them on online platforms; the media plays a vital role in boosting the sales of Shopify stores. 

Improve Site Speed

79 per cent of buyers who encounter sluggish loading times will not return to a site to purchase again. Surprisingly, 47 per cent of internet customers anticipate a website to load in less than two seconds. That doesn’t leave you much time to make an impression.

People will not stay at your store if it is slow. This tells Google that your site isn’t related to the search phrases used, and it will be pushed down the search results. Better the speed of your website, the better it will be good for you to retain your customers and boost the online presence of your stores.

Choose a fast Shopify theme, compress pictures (you can use a Shopify SEO plugin like TinyIMG SEO Image Optimizer), and install the apps you need to speed up your site. Also, you can hire Shopify experts  that will optimize your store to be easier to load and show effective results.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The final step in increasing store traffic is to design paid advertising campaigns capable of targeting only the relevant people. You can do your most challenging to take the top organic rankings in Google, but paid ads will always appear at the top of the search results. Fortunately, paid search advertisements and Google Shopping ads can help you get there (to show off particular products).

Bid on search terms you wish to appear and pay for clicks. Some firms have seen tremendous success with sponsored social ads on sites like Instagram and Facebook (both manageable through the Facebook ad dashboard). You target specific audiences on certain social media networks rather than terms. They can show your adverts to those most likely to buy your items based on their massive database of personal information (likes, locations, brand associations, politics, and so on). You can continue to fine-tune your ad copy, images, and targeting as you go. 

Build High Converting Landing Pages

Your store now has many curious customers hanging around thanks to SEO, email and SMS marketing, push alerts, and paid ads. You could do nothing and let everyone figure it out from your homepage. That’s fine, and you’ll probably get a lot of sales that way.

However, if you already have numerous unique traffic sources, at least some of which are well-segmented, you can create conversion-optimized landing pages. Paid traffic is an excellent example. You know exactly your target audience and who will click on your link. So, would you instead direct them to your homepage or to a page specifically geared to sell to them?

The need to build an engaging landing page comes in by integrating a captivating headline, a strong call to action (CTA), powerful images and design. Clearly defined characteristics and benefits and end up with building an engaging landing page targeting customers. 

Personalize Shopping Experience

Consumers are increasingly willing to tolerate and expect customization in their online purchases. According to one survey, 71% of shoppers are dissatisfied with impersonal shopping experiences. Customers who volunteer their data are precious to eCommerce marketers. And consumers are more than prepared to give data for a more tailored experience, with 83 per cent indicating they would do so.

Product recommendations are one effective method to leverage personalization. And a leading example of it is Amazon. They make good use of this by offering customers things related to other items they’ve looked at and recommending product bundles to enhance average purchase value.

Using it for your store can work for you. Right from going for customer behaviour, such as browse abandonment, cart abandonment, and products added to wishlists, can also be used. This targeting may easily be extended to one of the most cost-effective forms of paid advertising: retargeting. Follow visitors around the internet with images of the products they were looking at in your business.

A/B Testing to Boost Marketing

You may be wondering how much better your initial landing page might perform in a parallel universe with a different headline once you’ve constructed it. We don’t need to deal with the multiverse to see if minor changes affect conversion. Instead, start A/B testing your sites and choose the most successful version each time.

A/B testing can be performed on your Shopify store utilizing external tools such as Google Optimize, a free tool that paints a new version over your existing site. You can also use Shogun Page Builder’s built-in A/B testing feature for any Shopify landing pages you develop.

You may use Page Builder to test changes to a range of page elements to see what works best, then save the winning designs for future campaigns. Begin A/B testing as soon as possible to create the best Shopify landing page possible.

Wrapping Up!

Every business is unique, and the results of any particular implementation will differ. The most important thing you can do to improve your business is to listen to your customers and learn what works. Several ways can help you get over the competition and make your business shine. You need to figure out what works best for your store and your customers. Once you know about it, this will help you get over the edge. 

The above information will help you increase sales within the Shopify store and get started like a pro. For the best help, connect with the Shopify expert who can work best for you. When you hire Shopify experts, they take everything under their control, covering every aspect of marketing and providing desired results. So what are you waiting for? Gear up to increase the sales from today!


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