How to Boost Productivity While Remotely Building Your Startup 

How to Boost Productivity While Remotely Building Your Startup 

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed all of us into a corner where we had to make drastically altering changes to get back on our feet. And work from home is one such example of the neo adjustments in our lives. After working in offices for many years, it is a daunting task to be functional and efficient in handling your job or business by staying at home. No doubt that things aren’t as smooth as a curve for many. 

Various industries and foundations like educational institutes, mystery rooms bangalore, medical centers, retail shops, etc., have also adapted modifications to boost productivity in this work-from-home culture. Their measures reflect how we can also put in simple efforts and balance our life and productivity. 

So, if we try, we can also maintain our safety and health in this pandemic without compromising our productivity while managing startups remotely. Here are the 12-best and easy steps that talk about how you can accomplish the same: 

1. Identify your true ambition. 

Can you drive a car that has no steering wheel? Of course not. First of all, it’s a pointless concept. But then why bring such a topic? 

The idea is to help you realize how you must always stay in touch with your true ambition if you want to be productive in your work. The right way to build your startup is by coming to terms with what your purpose is and recalling your actual aim behind pursuing this dream. Once you understand your inner self, moving ahead on the road of productivity becomes easier. 

2. Plan a strict routine. 

Self-discipline is necessary when you want to get the best out of your daily schedule. Your task will indeed get done even if you work out with your projects randomly without a routine. But it will eventually damage your workflow and decrease output. Engaging in remote work and handling a startup isn’t a piece of cake. It demands concentration and proper comprehension of your timetable. 

And there’s nothing better than a structural schedule to set up your working hours. In this way, you can connect with your coworkers by discussing the work status and get maximum tasks like handling emails, making appointments, receiving calls, etc., done. Your productivity and efficiency will increase ten folds once you plan and start following a strict routine for your work.  

3. Prepare small objectives. 

I once tried drinking a whole can of juice in one go, and guess who ended up choking for a good one minute? Incidents like these remind us of how we should take things slowly and give time to understand how much our bodies can take them. 

Something similar is with every startup work. To be productive in your distant business, you should always break assignments into small and achievable goals. It makes the whole project seem less menacing. And by slowly finishing off these small tasks, you gain confidence in your work and a better understanding of things at hand. Deadlines stop piling on your desk as you become more efficient in handling your responsibilities.  

4. Make use of the right tools. 

In the case of remote working, tools can be a game-changer in your startup. And with the right set of apps, you can easily take your working output to higher levels. They help make your task simple and allow you to collaborate with other members and share your assignments for further progress. And since the introduction and popularization of digital marketing, many tools have faced price reductions to attract more customers. Therefore, you can get the best from these suitable means to boost your productivity now that they are constantly getting upgraded with extra features.  

5. Communicate frequently. 

Communication is a crucial aspect of operating as a team in any startup. And with the work shifting on virtual platforms due to distant business, it becomes even more necessary to maintain good interaction between you and your teammates. 

Plan scheduled meetings and interactive sessions to catch up with others. It will reduce the doubt and awkwardness around other colleagues and allow more people to open up and ask for solutions when in a dilemma. You can also keep a tab of everyone’s performance and simultaneously let everyone know that the whole team is working and progressing as required.  

6. Implement creativity in your work. 

When everyone in the corporate sector is working hard to reach the top, you need to rely on other tactics to stand out from the crowd. And that is where inventiveness comes into action. Creativity sets apart two products of the same genre and plays a crucial role in determining its success rate in the market. Adapting original and unique methods to do your projects also helps you feel attached and invested in your work. You can enjoy each of your projects and produce splendid results in your startup even by working from home.  


7. Work on reducing your procrastination. 

If something kills productivity, it’s none other than procrastination. Besides, you cannot blame yourself for experiencing disconnection from your profession due to this current work-from-home factor. We usually ignore things that bother us or cause discomfort to our inner selves. So try to work on making your assignments feel more personal and appealing. 

By inspiring yourself to accomplish your goal, you can motivate yourself to work and be productive. It also helps you get over your habit of leaving tasks unfinished by enabling your mind to focus on the assignment at hand.  

8. Get rid of the micro-distractions. 

Another enemy of productivity is distractions. In our current life, where social media and online platforms provide quick and temporary recreation, it is easy to get swayed by their charm and lose sight of your task at hand. But if you aim to boost productivity by working remotely in your startup, get rid of these micro-distracting elements. 

Put your phone and other mind-diverting devices away from your reach when you sit down to work. And turn off all your notifications. It will help you collect your mental energy and give your all to the projects that you must get done.  

9. Have self-imposed deadlines. 

One thing that I learned from my academic days is to have self-imposed deadlines for my work. It helps me get my tasks done on time and with accuracy. 

Suppose that you have got a project due by midnight. You can create a deadline by the morning and finish your work by then. In this way, you get more time to revise and perform any improvements in your submission. And it is a top-notch method for working efficiently on each of your tasks and enhancing your skills and performance in the startup business no matter your place of operation.  

10. Keep a clean work environment. 

It is equally necessary to clean your workspace and have a proper environment for working. Messed-up tables and spaces house chaotic energy and negatively influence your workflow. No matter the genre or occupation, every working person must have a workspace that they can call theirs and perform on it without being diverted or interrupted. It plays a very important role in helping you focus on your work and boost productivity. 

Throw any unwanted stuff from your desk and clean it at least once every week. Keep your space minimized and free from electronic devices to avoid distraction. Invest in the tools you need and organize your necessary belongings on the table, and you are good to begin working remotely for your job or business.  

11. Assign time slots to track your time. 

Since you will handle your startup from home, there will be meetings, conferences, and call sessions that you will have to attend frequently. And if you don’t manage it with a proper plan, your routine will spiral into chaos and confusion. 

The best way to avoid this disordered clutter is by allocating time slots to your task. You can begin by arranging your schedule and figuring out a middle ground for calls and meetings. And after finding your free stretch, you can assign different periods for the conferences, depending on their nature and intensity. In this way, you can track yourself and analyze whether you are wasting time or paying too much attention to a trivial task. It will also allow you to work with uniformity and thus, boost productivity and precision.  

12. Be transparent with your team.

When you work out of sight from your team, doubts and feelings of disloyalty will inevitably seep into the group. And we all know how strategically these elements can break off your partnership and trust. That’s why you should also focus on being transparent with your team. Drop frequent updates about your progress and let them know that you are working. And encourage them to follow the same pattern to maintain the link of loyalty on either end of the group. In this way, you can boost productivity and help other members work strategically with you as one unit, even by being physically away.   

But when it comes to being productive, you shouldn’t only concentrate on improving the surroundings and making changes in your routine. You also need to invest in self-care. Constant working puts pressure on your lifestyle and drains your mental health if you don’t let your psyche recover from time to time. So, keeping in mind the health and nurturing components, here are 8-more tips that will help you focus on your wellbeing by also raising your productivity: 

1. Keep a journal or calendar. 

Maintaining a journal lets you pen down your daily events in chronological order. It is a great stress-busting activity, and you can come to understand yourself in a better way in this process. Writing also helps you embrace positivity and inspiration in your life.  

2. Have a productivity playlist for inspiration. 

Music caresses the soul. And what could be better than a productivity playlist for improving your mood during work? Create your playlist by throwing in the tunes that inspire and energize you to do something. Plug it in when you are working, and you will see the transformation for yourself.  

3. Focus on your health. 

A healthy body houses a sound mind. So pay attention to your physical and mental wellness when working remotely. Staying too much indoors and being glued to your desk causes adverse effects on your body shape and posture. Include healthy food, drink plenty of water, and do yoga and exercises to stay fit and in good health.  

4. Remember to take a break. 

Overworking will lead you nowhere except burnout. That’s why you should also take regular breaks to get away from your work. Do something fun this time or pursue a soothing hobby. It will help you relax more and feel revitalized every day.  

5. Stop fussing over being perfect from every angle. 

Trying to be perfect from every aspect isn’t a healthy emotion. Instead, it’s a toxic personality trait that only manages to drain your body and mind with time. Perfection doesn’t bring productivity. It only hampers your workflow and makes you obsess over doing the same thing for better results. Focus on being creative and original in your work instead of achieving perfection. And you will slowly find yourself in a better state of mind and body.  

6. Prioritize your needs. 

Be brutal with your priorities. Understand what tasks need your urgent attention and which ones you can let go of in your work. Learn to say no to things that act as a hindrance to your routine. The more you abide by your principles, the more functional and healthy you will feel from the inside. And it will help you boost productivity and be active in your work.  

7. Ask for help and suggestions. 

Never shy away from asking for help if you are in a tight spot. It isn’t wise to stay stubborn and stuck in a place because you don’t want to ask for help. Know that there’s nothing wrong with finding yourself a bit lost. And by seeking help, you can overcome your limitations and become better at accomplishing tasks.  

8. Separate work from life. 

Balance your work and life. Working and investing time only in your projects will eventually weaken your emotional ties with your close ones. And it will affect your work efficiency and productivity. As a result, you must design your timetable such that you can spend some quality time with your family and friends. It is necessary to separate work from your life if you wish to be more productive and have better results.  


So these were the 20-best ways in which you can boost productivity while remotely building your startup. Now it’s up to you to combine your goals with the steps that suit your interest and create your strategy to become a successful entrepreneur in the coming years. Focus on being unique and hardworking, and the rest will slowly follow up with your experience as you progress in your career.


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