Why Are People Becoming So Stupid?

Why Are People Becoming So Stupid?
 I don’t mean to sit here and sound critical of people as a whole; I have met plenty of smart people who can provide me with fantastic conversations and keep me entertained all of the time. And no I do not think that I am one of the smartest people around; in fact, I might very well be one of the people that I am discussing in this article. I am in no way perfect, and I have my moments, but even I have begun to notice that people do stupid things that do not make any sense.
To start with, why are people so interested in these dumb reality shows? I can understand it in the beginning, it was kind of fun to see what people would do in certain situations and get the opportunity to get into people’s lives. At that time, it was easy to fall in love with your favorite character and want to follow them all the way through the series. Even then it is possible, although highly unlikely, that these reality shows were real and not the fake stuff that is plastered all over the place and sold to use as something that really happens. At least in the past they were able to hire intelligent actors and actresses’ who were good at their jobs and were able to portray the correct emotions at the right time.
 Why Are People Becoming So Stupid
Now we are stuck with the Kardashians, Survivor, and even American Idol, all of which have been around for way too long and are so obviously fake that it isn’t even funny; the average consumer of the media should be able to feel themselves getting more stupid with every passing second of watching these shows and should almost feel insulted that it is being fed to them in the form of entertainment.
Why do I bring up reality shows to discuss how Americans are getting more stupid? Because there are actually people out there who hold on to these reality shows and think that they are like the gospel of truth. They will tape every episode and watch it a million times, they will cry if something happens to their favorite character, they actually think that the stuff portrayed on these reality shows is true and that it somehow matters in your life. These people are sad individuals that I feel sorry for; the only reason that people should really watch these shows is to point and laugh at the people who are portrayed in these shows.
And this is not the only example of how people are getting more stupid. It seems like I cannot go anywhere without getting blank stares if I ask even the simplest of questions. To be fair, some people might just do this as a defense in order to get away with not helping me with my problems, although, I am not sure which one is the worse. Ask a cashier where something is and they do not know what you are talking about. Hand in some coupons, simple enough to just scan them through and move on with the day, and they look at you like you are trying to explain quantum physics.
To get back to a kind of reality show kick, there is even a show that is entitled Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader. This is an actual show that pits grown adults, many with college degrees and above, against each other in the hopes that they might possibly be smarter than their children. Unfortunately, they are usually pretty pathetic and get stomped on by these little kids. What kind of world do we live in that 10 year olds are smarter than full grown adults.
stupid people doing stupid things
I am under the full belief that society finds it funny and fine to act this way, and so people do it. No one would act this stupid, or even attempt to without feeling mortified, if our society was set up to be this way. Instead, we celebrate this stupidity and then wonder why our kids are acting the same way as all of the people that they are around. They sit there and call their own children stupid, naïve, and even idiots because they are embarrassed by the way they are acting. Maybe the parents need to look at themselves to determine who is really to blame for all of these problems. Perhaps the children are just seeing how the parents are acting, mainly stupid, and determining that is the best way to act in all situations.
Parent and all adults need to listen closely to the message given in this article. Quit being stupid! You and your children are lowering the IQ’s of everyone around you and making it difficult to get anything done. Start taking responsibility for your actions, open a book and learn something, and stop making the rest of us work so hard to explain things to you. At this rate, within a few generations, our country will just be full of a bunch of idiots and nothing will ever get done, not that it isn’t already.

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