Learn 7 Secret Recipe’s Of Creating Happy Families Around The World

Learn 7 Secret Recipe’s Of Creating Happy Families Around The World

Raising a happy family is always a challenge, particularly in this day and age. This is because raising a family is not always about having
a high standard of living. It’s also about promoting a sense of cohesion between family members.So if you are concerned about your family’s future then you should learn 7 secret recipe’s of creating happy families around the world.

1. Creating and Fostering Trust

Creating Happy Families Around The World

Perhaps the most important aspect of raising a good, happy family is cohesion, and there can be no cohesion without trust. So in keeping your family
happy, a certain degree of trust is always important. This applies to all family relations, including between children and their parents,
between husband and wife and between siblings. By establishing a strong foundation of trust between different family members, there will be
fewer conflicts and resentments to deal with, which in turn will help improve the happiness of your entire family as a whole.

2. Avoid False and Unrealistic Expectations

One of the reasons why family members often disappoint each other is because they overestimate or idolize certain members of their family.For example, as far as many children are concerned, their parents are infallible. Likewise, to parents, their children are beacons of hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, people are not perfect, and when you try to imagine your own family members as something they’re not, you will only
end up with a lot of disappointment.

This is particularly true for parents who want to seem infallible to their children. Unfortunately, no parent is perfect and once that veneer has fallen away, children will become disappointed at their own parents. On the other hand, pushing one’s child to do certain things or go into a particular career, because you want them to become overachievers, will very likely trigger rebellion and resentment later on.

3. Avoid Spoiling Your Children

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Although we want to give the best to our children, spoiling them is the last thing parents want to do. This is because when you spoil a child, they will develop a false sense of entitlement, and may even carry it with them when they reach adulthood. Spoiled children lack self control and will often have a hard time coping with difficult situations. In certain cases, it may even cause them to become very materialistic and easy to manipulate. Spoiling one’s children may make them happy and content temporarily, but you can’t have a happy family with spoiled children, because they’ll constantly demand new things not only from their parents but from their siblings as well.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to become a tiger mom or dad either. “Tiger” parents push their children very hard to excel, which in certain cases makes them resent their parents. Pushing one’s children with harsh discipline is often the polar opposite of spoiling them, but they lead to the same results: An unhappy family.

4. Nurturing Family Traditions

When we speak of tradition, we aren’t just speaking about culture and history. We are also speaking about their role in their community in a
literal sense. Family members which are united by a common tradition have something which ties them together and gives them meaning. However,
this tradition can be anything from strong participation in community events to simply knowing who their ancestors are. Educating one’s children about their ancestors as well as their past bestows upon them a sense of meaning and purpose, which helps foster family cohesion.

Even something as simple as wearing special costumes during holidays can help engender a sense of unity between family members. So in creating a happy and wholesome family, a few traditions can certainly go a long way in improving your family’s trust and sense of togetherness.

5. Coping With Change

A strong family is the kind of family that adapts to change. Sure, you can have a nice, happy family when the kids are young and the parents
are at their prime, but sooner or later, that’s going to change. Very soon, mom will no longer be as pretty as she used to be, dad will gain
weight and the kids will become teenagers with a sense of rebellion.When such changes do happen, not all families can cope with them, because they never expected them in the first place.

For example, it’s one thing to prepare children for college, but a lot of parents aren’t really prepared to consider the possibility that their
children might become more rebellious once they are all grown up. Likewise, most couples have no trouble saving a lot of money, but they
aren’t always very good at anticipating how the future might affect their marriage. So if you want to maintain a happy family, try to
anticipate how the future may change your family members’ personalities.This way, when such changes do occur, you and your family members will
be prepared.

6. Talking

This may seem obvious, but talking and communication can help foster happiness between family members.Family members who chat with each other regularly are more likely to have an easier time trusting and opening up to each other. On the other hand, the lack of communication will only lead to further alienation.This is not to say that you need to talk to your family members all the time, but making a habit of small talk can help maintain a sense of openness between family members which is essential for family happiness.

7. Group Activities

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A family group activity doesn’t need to involve the entire family. In many cases, it can involve two siblings, the parents or one of the parents and a child. The important point here is that the family members are interacting with each other.Even if one of the family members refuses to participate in such activities, the rest of the family can still have the benefits of the activity.

These kinds of activities, whether they are trips to the beach or weekend walks to the park, can have a lasting effect on family members. Such memories can then further improve every family member’s happiness and make family bonds even stronger.

Author Bio:Jacob Jackson is a blogger for Love and Logic who likes to contribute his knowledge on Family and parenting. In free
time he likes to take questions directly from parents and educators and use their parenting instincts they already have.

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