Great Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine Health Benefits

Don’t Let Your Customers Miss Out on the Health Benefits of a Great Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine

Carpet cleaning is about more than just carpet that looks and smells great. When you take advantage of a well built commercial carpet cleaning machine, you may be improving air quality and eliminating toxins and bacteria the naked eye cannot see.


The American Lung Association continues to discuss and research the toxins, bacteria, mold, and other things that hide in your carpet and can negatively impact lung health.Some homeowners simply vacuum their carpets on a regular basis, and they think that’s enough. They may buy a steam cleaner at their local grocery store, or they may use specialized sprays to deal with things like pet stains, but that’s not always enough.


If you run a carpet cleaning business or otherwise provide professional carpet cleaning services, you need to put many of the most common misconceptions customers face early on to bed once and for all. You may target your approach to different customers based on hints they give you. Here are a few of the biggest benefits your customers may not understand.


A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine Can Eliminate Pollutants Trapped in Your Carpet

The EPA reports that unless you regularly clean your carpets with a commercial carpet cleaning machine to loosen and remove bacteria, a dirty carpet can capture air pollutants and trap them.

Things like lead, cockroach feces, particle solution, pet dander, and your everyday dirt and dust all buildup over time. When left uncleaned, these pollutants can aggravate your allergies and asthma negatively impacting your family’s overall health. If these particles get stuck, you may wonder how these pollutants would affect you. Any time you walk over your carpet, vacuum it, or otherwise put pressure on it, it can loosen small particles that then enter into the air you breathe.


You don’t have to put up with this. With units like the XTreme Power XPH-12000H, you can remove and kill off the particles that may perpetuate the problem. With temperatures of up to 210°F and 220 PSI, the XPH-12000H can blast away even the most stubborn pollutants.


If you use a cheap carpet cleaner, you will probably get less than satisfactory results and your customers will notice the difference. The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a high-quality unit. If you only accept the best, your customers will notice the difference.


The effects of the pollutants that get trapped in carpet may be subtle. They may even seem harmless to some people. If you eliminate these pollutants, the good news is that your customer will notice the difference.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine?


Eliminate Dust Mite Infections with a Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Machine

Many homes have ongoing dust mite infections homeowners don’t even know about. So the idea that your low moisture carpet cleaning machine will eliminate an invisible may not make sense to some customers unless you prove it. The fact that dust mites aren’t even the actual problem can be even more confusing for your clients.


However, it can be explained more easily than you might think. Dust mites are small things that may not cause health problems on their own, but this does not mean you’re safe. Much like insects or certain types of small particles, dust mites may leave behind feces and even body parts that can quickly become harmful to your health should you inhale them.


So how does the XTreme Power XPH-12000H help? Just as it fights and removes persistent pollutants, it can also kill off and remove things dust mites leave behind. If you have allergies or asthma, it is essential to get rid of these particles. More importantly, though, a unit like the XTreme Power XPH-12000H kills the existing dust mites to ensure the problem does not continue to perpetuate itself.


A Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Machine Can Kill and Prevent Mold

One of the most common problems you may find in many homes is mold. If your customers track in dirt and water after a particularly rainy day, they may already have mold growing in their home. If you operate in a humid environment, it is also likely your clients have mold that can be eliminated with a low moisture carpet cleaning machine.


With the 210°F temperatures of the XTreme Power XPH-12000H, the heat will kill existing mold. More importantly, the low-moisture design prevents the buildup of water that could lead to more mold in some houses. By creating a hostile environment, you can change the environment around a client’s carpet enough to prevent mold for an extended period.


A Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Machine Can Provide Benefits that Are Immediately Noticeable

There are some clients who just won’t be happy with the long term benefits. They want to see the advantages of a commercial carpet cleaning machine right now. So sometimes you have to point out the small things.


Any time you clean carpets, clients know you have to move their furniture off the carpet so it can be thoroughly cleaned. Then they have to let it dry before they move their furniture back.


So what happens when customer carpets dry in a fraction of the time? They can move their furniture back and get on with their lives in less time than they would with other companies they have worked with in the past. Also, you avoid too much moisture that could contribute to future mold issues.


Either way, it is up to you to make your customers aware of the differences so they will see those differences coming. Are you ready to upgrade your carpet cleaning services? Don’t spend a fortune or accept subpar equipment. Do the right thing for you and your customers and see how to find great carpet cleaners that are also affordable.


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