How To Divorce When In An Abusive Relationship

Many spouses choose Alternative Dispute Resolution when it comes to their divorce issues, to some, this may be a nightmare. To use ADR, both parties must agree on how to resolve their divorce issues. If your spouse doesn’t have such a mindset, it becomes hard to use the process of ADR. Any divorce process will likely fail if your spouse as the below characteristics:

Has a history of domestic violence

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  • Is a narcissist
  • Intimidator
  • A physical and sexual assaulter
  • Have unreasonable expectations
  • Take advantage of others

The above all boils down to personality types. People with such personality types may find it had to compromise even if their spouses lose in a divorce. Such conditions show that you must be careful when leaving such a relationship.

Why You Should Take Your Divorce Case To Court

The majority of homes in Canada lives with an abusive partner. Such hurt the lives of thousands of fathers, mothers, friends, children, employers, and the cycle continues. The best action a spouse who is being abused can take is to leave such a relationship through a divorce.

If you are in a toxic relationship and have decided enough is enough, the best thing would be to divorce. However, in such a relationship, divorce may be filled with chaos as each party tries to show their arguments and reasons count. In such a case, you can only contact a divorce lawyer in Toronto who can help you get out of your abusive relationship smoothly. It’s always complicated when a spouse in such a relationship starts to look out for ways to start up the divorce process. That’s why it’s advisable to have the right lawyer who is fit to deal with such a situation handle your case. But each spouse should have a lawyer. Your lawyer will help you:

Make a safe plan and offer a safe place to be if it seems dangerous to continue staying in the same house with your spouse.

Keep your issues confidential.

Attend court hearing on your behalf.

Help you get personal protection orders that limit contact with your abusive spouse.

How To Protect Yourself During Divorce Proceedings

By now, your abusive spouse may have tried all possible ways to stop your divorce. Thus, it becomes of great importance to try to keep things private. Some of the things you ensure to keep at bay are:

You computer

Your phone

You may also to have private internet access as your spouse may be looking out for ways to fish out information about divorce.

You can seek help to ensure no information may be collected from you during the divorce proceedings. For instance, your spouse may use any means to monitor your day-to-day activities using a security camera. Being aware of this help you to stay vigil in all possible ways to ensure you are safe.

Note that if you decide to leave the house without any good reason, you may lose the chance to get your property or any other belonging you acquired. For instance, it may be too hard to take inventory of your assets. But this becomes easy when you involve the court, which can give a restraining order to your spouse.

Unless your spouse is violent or abusive, you should remain in the house and wait for your lawyer to offer guidance on how to divorce. If your spouse attacks you before, during or after divorce, he/she may face several crimes such as making harassing phone calls, assault, among others. That’s why it’s better to use the court to provide relief and have the chance to win your child custody, keep possession of other vital things for the well-being of your children and other issues that the court may deem fit for the success of your children. In any divorce case, the court is always concerned with the best interest of the child. As such, if your spouse tries to do anything that may violate the rules, he/she can be arrested.

Do You Fear For Your Safety? Talk To An Experienced Family Lawyer

No one can comfortably handle divorce after being subjected to abuse; the legal system may be too complicated for them. It becomes hard when one has children and assets or liabilities to take care of. One reason to fear is that the abusive partner may hit back and track them down as they try to end the relationship. While this may be true, one should take immediate action to stop the ongoing threat.

If your spouse has a tough personality type, you are sure this would create a problem when you try to leave that relationship. You can consider looking for an experienced family lawyer before you can start up the process of divorce; a lawyer who will ensure you and your children best interest are taken care of while protecting your legal rights.

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