How to get a girl to love You More: 6 Recommendation magnetize easily

How to get a girl to love You More: 6 Recommendation magnetize easily

Originally posted on December 2, 2019 @ 11:17 pm

How to Get a Girl to Text you Back?

It is an old story, boy meets girl at a party or some other social function and is attracted to her. In the old days it was simply a matter of using a landline to give her a call the following day.
In the 21st century, however, texting or emailing a girl seems to be the preferred method of contact. Indeed, it is these first texts that can make or break a relationship. So, what sort of initial text should be sent to a girl that would make her want to reply?

 How to get a girl to love You

How to get a girl to text you back is a question every guy, who has met a girl he wants to see again, asks him self. Men forget that the reason a girl gives him her email or text message address is because she is hoping to hear from him.
Why Keep a girl interested
Now, in order to keep a girl interested, it is important that a man doesn’t text too soon after meeting her. At the same time waiting too long is also not wise; use common sense. Don’t, for example, text her during working hours.
Doing so could cause unwanted criticism from colleagues. A guy’s first text message should be short, upbeat and fun. If a message is too long and boring, she’ll not answer and will, more than likely, change her number.
The best kind of short, upbeat and fun texts messages are the kind that draws her attention to something that happened at the event you both attended; ideally something amusing.
Being witty is a plus. Not many women enjoy speaking with a guy who is super serious, let alone receiving a text from him.
In the event the girl doesn’t remember the sender’s name or, in fact, meeting him – because of drunkenness or the sheer number of people in attendance – a guy should jog her memory by giving her helpful hints as to who he may be. Again, keep this written banter light and fun.
The next thing for a guy to remember is not to come on too strong with compliments. Women have an uncanny knack of seeing through, what may appear to be, insincerity.
Perhaps the guy is not being insincere and truly does believe her to be beautiful, fun-loving, etc but saying so in the first text message is not advised – save these kinds of comments for later texts after she has responded to your initial message. How to get a girl to text you back is to be honest, easygoing and fun, forget poetry and flowers until later.
Be True to what you text
It is important, prior to sending that first text, to check it for spelling mistakes and grammar misses. A guy will not impress a woman if he has the spelling and grammar skills of a ten year-old.
Also, if at all possible, a guy should refrain from using icons such as a “smiley face” in this ice-breaker message. If he wants to make a joke he should write it clearly so that she can easily see the humor.
Words of warning, however, don’t make jokes about people that were attending the event where you met; it is quite possible that you may inadvertently make a joke about someone she knows and is friendly with.
Once this first text has been sent, do not send another a short time later. The worse thing any guy can do is to be persistent to the point of becoming annoying.
If the text has the aforementioned ingredients and is not inane in any way then rest assured he would receive a response from the woman in a timely manner. The irony here is that a woman, if she is interested, is going through the same quandary than the guy.
Alex J. Steve is a dating coach. He is teaching men to improve their texting skill on his website 
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