10 ways to be green at home and save green world watch institute Initiative

10 ways to be green at home and save green world watch institute Initiative
5 Ways Your School Can Go Green
We have been hearing a lot of campaigns these days about ways in which we can make our environment more eco-friendly.  But, are we really doing something about it?
 Many people blame the industrial and manufacturing
companies for the massive pollution that has been taking place in our surroundings today, while others are blaming the entire human race.However, each of us has our own share of mistakes as well.  But, blaming
will absolutely lead us nowhere.  We need to start taking action before everything is going to be too late.  One of the ways to start our eco-friendly campaign is to begin it in school in order to help our
children increase their awareness in the environment.
If you want to help your local school go green, or you simply want to do
your own part, here are five ways to start:
Minimize the use of  paper
We often hear people saying that the more we use papers more trees are being cut as well.  Despite the fact that we are now living in a tech-laden world the use of papers remains to be an indispensable tool in schools.  This is where our go-green campaign should best be started.Teachers can ask their students to come up with measures on how they could
recycle and reduce the use of papers.  
Instead of relying heavily on theuse of papers, it is high time that students be trained to maximize the use of computers.   Remember, even if your school does use paper, there’s a good chance that they have recycling bins lying around the campus.  Be
sure to use these!
Reusable Water Containers
The continued use of plastics has contributed much to the pollution in the environment.  These plastics cannot be decomposed within a considerable period of time.  As people continue to use these plastics, they also
continue to fill the earth.  But, there are ways in which we could minimize the use of plastics in schools.  Students and teachers alike must be encouraged to use reusable water containers instead of buying their beverages in plastic containers.
Minimize the use of non-renewable resources
Students must be advised to minimize the use of ink and other printer cartridges both in school and at home.  Instead of asking them to print everything on paper, they should be told to just save and download everything to their computers or laptops.  This will greatly reduce the need to buy printer cartridges which can hardly be recycled or reused.
This may seem like a very expensive method of saving the environment since the school will need to provide laptops and computers for their students to use. However, the pressure of having to spend something for computers
and laptops will definitely be outweighed by the thought of being able to help the environment become more eco-friendly and contribute to the common good of the society.
Reduce the use of air-conditioning and heat
The use of air conditioning systems have been proven to make classrooms a lot more comfortable for everybody to use.  However, the more we use this air conditioning and heating systems, the more that we are harming the
Students must be encouraged to contribute suggestions on how everybody could possibly cut back on the use of these heating and air-conditioning systems.  If the weather is fine, they can just open the windows and use the electric fans instead if using the air conditioning system.
Carpooling is another method of minimizing pollution in the environment. Students and teachers must be required to use carpools so that they will not have to go to school using their own cars.  This can greatly reduce fuel energy and minimize air pollution.   Also, if you can take the bus, consider doing so.  It’s kind of pointless to drive when you already have a reliable ride to the school.
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