How to create your own vintage bedroom

vintage bedroom interiors are a true refreshment to see nowadays. They are elegant and give your room such a lovely and homely vibe. And while many go for that minimalist décor that’s popular these days, it is absolutely great that you want to do something different and go with warm vintage design. So, if you really want to revive that opulence and glamour of the past, we give you some suggestions how to do that.

Color Your Floorboards

vintage bedroom

The inexpensive way to give your room a vintage look is a lick of white paint that will add to that chic decor you have chosen. If you are painting alone, don’t worry about clean lines. In fact, neatness scuffs are desirable, even encouraged because they add to the aged effect. If you are not a fan of white, you can always go with neutral, soft tones that give the age effect. It would be nice to buy a carpet (preferably a faded, well-worn one – you can buy those in antique shops) in a classic pattern and top the whole vintage appear of the room.

Stencil a Wall Panel

If you are the artistic type, this will be real fun for you! Once you get your hands on a wall stencil, you are free to create your own vintage pattern! Still, we suggest you roll unevenly in order to make that vintage impact. If you use the sencil as a backdrop for your jewelry, you will additionally draw focus to your artistry. Floral themes are always the best choice for vintage.

Get your hands on a wall stencil to produce an sophisticated focal point. When painting it onto the wall, roll lightly and unevenly to create a faded vintage impact. Draw focus to your artistry and add an added touch of opulence by making use of the stencil as a backdrop for your jewelry. Obtain pretty white, brass or gold hooks that would each be different from one another. This way, you are emphasizing how special, hand-produced pieces you have. If you hang them from the wall and drape your necklaces and bracelets from them, you will get an amazing antique feel in your interior.

Bold Wall Patterns

The best and at the same time quickest way to add charm to your room is by using vintage-like wallpaper. If you are not sure what particularly means vintage wallpaper – look for wealthy backdrops overlaid by fauna and flower motifs. To avoid that ‘too much’ effect consider placing wallpaper on just one wall while others would be painted in baby pink, cream, eggshell and other similar colors.

Heirloom Opulence

To avoid a busy impact that small furniture creates we suggest you go with bigger pieces to make a statement of the dramatic grandeur that reminds of days gone by. Solid wood furnishing has been really appreciated in the times you are aiming to copy in your interior but they tend to be really pricey. So, you can always go with a contemporary take on antique furnishings that are just as amazing. Consider a huge bed with an oak frame to dominate your bedroom. Bedside tables would be another nice touch.

Linens and Hangings

Hanging a panel of lace at the window will not only diffuse light but as well go wonderfully with the rest of the room that you have already decorated in a vintage way. The patterns you choose should have floral and fauna motifs. If you can get your hands on stuff from vintage stores or antique shops, it would be great!

The sheets on the bed should also be floral and in wealthy fabrics. Don’t forget to add some vintage and handcrafted accessories to take centre stage. Cushions, monogrammed linens and similar interior ornaments will add to the originality of décor.

Choose decorative items to reflect the mood of the room

If you are wanting to design a vintage bedroom, you will need to choose decorative items that reflect the mood of the room. For example, vintage wallpaper with floral prints, new stylish door or a crest design can instantly create a dramatic look to the interior space, and you can finish the look with cushions, bedding, and curtains from a certain historical period.

Create a focal point

Try and incorporate a centerpiece into the room that will initiate conversation when guests come to stay and catch the eye when you walk into your bedroom. Something like an old clock from the past, or a vase from the golden era of Hollywood can really work wonders, and help you to achieve the vintage look. Antique chairs and furniture can also serve as a focal point, as can dressing tables from the past.

Visit flea markets and second-hand stores

In order to find the best antique furniture for your room, visit flea markets and second-hand stores in your local area. You never know, you may be able to find the perfect piece of furniture to incorporate in your room. You can even use a second hand auction store to try and find vintage decorative pieces.

Add some finishing touches

Mirrors, dollies, and vintage lampshades can all be used to create a vintage bedroom, whilst antique candlesticks and jewelry boxes can add some unique finishing touches that will make your bedroom stand out from the crowd. You could even add a vintage rug on the floor, or use canvas prints with photos from the golden age of Hollywood and place these on the walls.


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