How a Charity Partnership Can Benefit Your Business

How a Charity Partnership Can Benefit Your Business
Working with a charity can be beneficial to both parties involved. The trick to creating a partnership is to consider the mutual benefits.
It’s Not All About Money
Although charities are always looking for funding, there may be other ways you can help them. You could hold and event to fundraise, offer your services for free or introduce them to more contacts.
The charity should be able to offer something in return. This might not be directly; partnering with a charity gives you the opportunity to put out news stories about your collaboration and it also is good for any CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities.
our social responsibilityEvents
Joint events are a great way to raise the profile of both your business and your partnering charity. This could be anything from a charity auction where a prominent donor does something such as donating a boat or a launch designed to introduce the new partnership, like a press conference.
Before your event, make sure you inform the press and your customers about the event. Invite important people and work out ways you’ll be able to raise funds for the charity.
It’s also important that after the event you thank everyone who came along. This can either be done in the local press (hopefully you will have made some good contacts during your PR push before the event) or through thank-you cards.
This is a prime opportunity to let the attendees know what you have planned for your business over the coming year. Tell them about events, offers etc. Also, give the charity a mention. Restate their goals and what they do.
Joint Marketing Activities
Another benefit of any partnership is the chance to share marketing activities. This might be paying for joint space in a magazine when advertising something. It might be sharing email lists for a newsletters or working together to promote one another on social media.


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