How a Charity Partnership Can Benefit Your Business

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corporate social responsibility charity Event way for Humanitarian initiativeJoint PR is probably one of the ways to get the most benefit out of a charity partnership. The media usually look more favorably on stories with a charity angle. If you already have strong media contacts, then pairing with a charity can not only help you further those relationships but you’ll be doing wonders for the charity’s profile as well.
Skill Share
People who work for charitable organizations tend to be resourceful. They have to find the most cost-effective ways to handle a project, especially if they are a small charity with only a limited budget.
As a result, they may have found some innovative ways of reaching potential donors and beneficiaries. These techniques might translate to your business.
Similarly, you could give charity staff access to skills they may not have been able to afford or access before.
For example, if you are a marketing agency, then you could teach the charity the basics of search engine optimization or SEO. If you have a sales team, they could teach the charity staff some valuable skills concerning how to close a deal.
About the Author: Jess Shanahan is a writer and marketing professional who has worked extensively with charities. 


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