How to move towards finding the right fit of your chosen hat?

How to move towards finding the right fit of your chosen hat

How to move towards finding the right fit of your chosen hat?


A hat must fit perfectly on your head while sittingtightly but without making you feel even slightly uncomfortable. But how tight should a hat be? Those who wear hats weather it is cowboy hat or straw hat must have asked this question to themselves a thousand times because the question seems quite baffling as it depends on the feeling of a person, and the experience varies between people. If you ask the question to any company that deals in mens hats, they would also not be able to give a simple answer for it.

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We will try to make things easy for you to understand the various factors contributing to the perfect fitting of hats.  There are several steps to take to ensure the proper fitting of hats, and each step is as important as any other, which means that you must follow the steps diligently.  Even the slightest mistake in any one step can spoil your effort in finding the right fitting of hats. Ill fitting hats not only affect your appearance but also felt unsuitable for wearing.

Each type of hat has its fitting criteria based on the design and style, and you cannot expect to apply the same method to ensure the correct fit for all types of hats. In this article, we will discuss specific types of hats to understand better what the right fit means for that type of hat. Since the hat fitting directly relates to the hat size or your head size, you must first know how to measure your head correctly based on which the other factors would play out.

Basics of hat fitting

There are three things to consider for ensuring the right hat fitting – the fabric, hat size chart, and proportions.

The nature of fabric impacts the hat fitting because different fabrics have different kinds of elasticity that determine their ability to stretch. For example, you cannot stretch straw and leather hats at all. Trying too hard to stretch the hats will damage them.  But cotton fabric or wool is quite stretchable. Similarly, some materials like wool tend to shrink after washing, and wearing a new hat after washing might change the fit due to the shrinkage of the material.

Use hat charts to match the actual head measurement that you take. If you find that the precise measurement is somewhere in between two sizes of the hat chart, then it is better to select the higher one so that there is some room for adjustment. Then, rely on the numbers to ascertain the correct hat size that gives the perfect fit.

The last thing to consider is maintaining the right proportion between your face shape, head size, and hat design so that these balance well to produce the best looks by assuring the best fit. If you can gently pass a finger in the gap between the hat and your head, it indicates that you have got the correct size.

Let us now talk about the right fit based on some of the popular hat types.


Fedoras are extremely popular among men and women of all ages. The stylish hats are ideal accessories for formal dressing when you want to show your best side to people during socializing. It is easy to understand whether the fedora fits right if it stays in place when you face a moderate breeze. However, the fit should not be so tight that you feel the hat biting along the circumference of your head at the places of contact. As long as the hat sits snugly on your head, you should be okay with it.


Baseball cap

You need not worry much about the right fit of baseball caps because it is easy to achieve with the help of the adjustable straps on the back. The fit also depends on how you wear the cap, in the normal position, tilted to the side, or pushed backward. The cap is so versatile that you will always find it easy to achieve the right fit.


Although you might find someone wearing beanies in summer, these are winter wear meant to keep your head and ears warm. A blend of wool and some synthetic material is most preferred for making beanies and the material being quite stretchable makes it suitable for all head sizes. However, even if you choose a slightly tight fir initially, it is likely to loosen up somewhat due to constant wear and stretching.

Flat cap

The flat cap is now popular among younger people, although earlier it used to be more acceptable among the older population. The simple hat looks great when worn by anyone. However, the regular fit is somewhat tight, and you must do some testing to understand which hat seems to meet your expectation of the right fit by ensuring total comfort. A snug fit is what you need.

Wearing a hat several times in different ways should help to determine which would be the most befitting hat for you.





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