What to Look for in an Ideal Bedroom Partner

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Everyone wants to feel satisfied in the bedroom, but finding a truly compatible sexual partner is easier said than done. If you’re looking to enhance your sex life, check out these tips on what to look for in an ideal bedroom partner:

1. Good hygiene

Sex is an intimate affair, to say the least, and it certainly involves close contact with some of our less-than-hygienic (read: smelly) body parts. Regardless of gender, an ideal bedroom partner is going to be someone who keeps their intimate areas clean, fresh and ready for action at a moment’s notice. After all, if you and your bedroom partner have high sexual chemistry, then you never know when the mood is going to strike. This is also a good point at which to perform a self-inventory. Are you committed to impeccable hygiene? If not, this could be interfering with your quest for the ideal bedroom partner.

2. Attractive figure

Ideal Bedroom Partner

When it comes to body type, what turns you on is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Research also suggests that preference in ideal body type is partially cultural, in that it varies around the world and over the course of time. It also depends on a person’s mood. For example, in one study, men subject to higher levels of stress showed preference for slightly heavier-set women than their less-stressed counterparts did. Opposite this, women tend to prefer men with a triangular-shaped torso, though many could easily abandon these preferences in favour of a sense that the man can fill a strong provider role. Regardless, knowing what type of figure turns you on is going to help in your quest for the perfect bedroom partner.

3. Undeniable chemistry

Sexual chemistry is a difficult phenomenon to nail down – however, most of us have probably have some anecdotal experience that can help us to better understand it. Psychology Today published an article on the topic, stating that chemistry is often little more than mutual lust. The article also warns of the risks of getting hooked on high chemistry, in as much as this can ruin less-than-perfect bedroom encounters. It’s also worth noting that chemistry can ebb and flow depending on monthly cycles, stress levels and, presumably, pheromones. For example, you’ll find plenty of blog posts and online articles written by industry experts – such as Sydney escorts or Amsterdam call girls – who insist that their clients tend to come in waves. Apparently, we are more sexually desirable at certain times compared to others.

4. Adventurous spirit

When talking of bedroom-related issues, most people associate a so-called adventurous spirit with a willingness to get kinky and indulge in fetishes or fantasies. That’s certainly part of the equation, but there’s a great deal more on the line here. An openness to adventure usually means that the person in question is comfortable with themselves and isn’t afraid to step outside of their comfort zone. People like this are more fun to be with in general, and this extends to what happens behind closed bedroom doors, as well.

5. Open to trying new things

Following up to the importance of an adventurous spirit is a willingness to try new things. Sex is an exploratory process through which two people can learn more about their own and their partner’s bodies. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what goes on behind closed doors. The most enjoyable bedroom partners are open to trying new things – as long as those things are safe and reasonable.

6. High sex drive

It may go without saying, but the absolute best partner is going to be someone with a sex drive to match your own. Many lists of this nature hammer on the importance of an openness to oral sex, but that’s really just one aspect of this broader topic. If the two of you are both enthusiastic about the prospects diving under the sheets, then the entire experience is going to be a lot more enjoyable. With that in mind, a person who enjoys receiving oral is going to be more than happy to return the favour.


If you are still in pursuit of the ideal bedroom partner, rest assured that the right person is out there for you. Hit the local social scenes, dress for the occasion and keep an eye out for potential partners who seem to enjoy some of the same things that you do.

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