Life, Family and the Struggles of a Call Center Agent

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Struggles of a Call Center Agent


Working for a call center company has always been perceived a challenging as well as a demanding task. Being a call center agent has its benefits as well as disadvantages which is only common for any company or any type of business whichever niche they are under in. And of course to help you shed some light with how things work in this line of work,

So if you have any interest in working as a call center agent or something similar like a customer service representative or in the helpdesk services, then read on.

Life as A Call Center Agent

In terms of work advantages of being a call center agent, you will find that no work experience is needed. Fresh graduates that are relatively new in the job market will find themselves receiving a lot of offers from call center companies. I would describe it as a large open gate of opportunity to enter a known corporation. Two necessary requirements for getting hired is, one – having great communication skills and two – computer knowledge of course. Although other call center companies may have other requirements like fluency in various languages.

Call Center Agent

Most call center companies will also provide a free training course which is one way to develop your skills, improving on your diction and mastering multi-tasking. Use it as a leverage to gain the know-hows of how this corporation works and have a better understanding; that way you can improve on your capabilities and better service. While of course there is also a high possibility that you can get a promotion in less than six months, if you deliver and execute your tasks efficiently. A promotion means higher income and great rewards.

One advantage of working as a call center agent is the good compensation. The starting salary is higher than the usual entry level position. Over time, your income will increase also if you are designated to the sales department you will receive commission on top of your original salary. So basically when you get more sales it equates to more money added to your salary. You will also have the great benefits in the form of health and life insurance which is an advantage since you can include your family members as your beneficiaries in your insurance.

The Struggles of being a Call Center Agent

In some way, being a call center agent can be a whole new experience because call center agents do not do things by routine. I am referring to the work shifts which that routine alone is an imbalance to your body clock. You will usually work in different time schedules and what’s to say that you are assigned to a night shift to accommodate the international day time (that is if you’re working for a company in a different country). Also, there is no guarantee that you will have the weekends off.

Being a call center agent, you will often struggle with sleeping problems due to irregular sleeping patterns and due to the disturbance on your biological rhythm. Impaired sleep may also be a big factor in fatigue and exhaustion. This may cause for you to burnout quickly. It may take some time getting used to. A good advice to remedy and prevent burnouts is to let yourself ease into the routine slowly. Do not force yourself to accommodate all the work in one go, take your time and your body will soon follow to adjust better.

Social Life – Relationship with family and friends

Most of the time, you will have to work on the Saturdays, Sundays, and on the holidays. That being said, it’s hard to make it to reunions and other family celebrations. Finding the time to spend some good quality time with your family and friends seems impossible due to the work schedule and the demands of your job. It can be a main source of frustration which can be a bit of a problem for most call center agents. Because of the “day plus holiday” working schedule it will definitely affect the social life and relationship with your family. You may also find prioritizing very difficult and balancing your duties between work and family.

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