Liver Transplant: Surgery & Procedure, Survival Rates and More


Liver diseases sometimes damage the liver completely. In such a patient, a liver transplant is a final solution to recover. For patients whose liver has completely stopped working or damaged, look for the best liver transplant hospital in Delhi to start the treatment and get the liver transplanted at earliest. The liver is replaced with a healthy liver donor and placed in a patient through surgery. The liver can be available from a living or deceased donor. With this, an individual has to keep the liver healthy in order to live longer and stay away from chronic diseases. Liver transplant is the last process to treat the damaged liver that has completely stopped working due to different reasons.

Liver transplant is the final option for chronic diseases that damage or completely fail the liver. Before suggesting for the liver transplant, a medical team determines factors like –

❖The severity of the liver and medical condition
❖The overall physical condition of a patient and mental well being
❖History of tuberculosis, chronic infection or other medical conditions
❖Level of support from the family members and friends

Liver Transplant: Surgery & Procedure

Liver transplant is a surgical procedure that completely removes the liver that is completely damaged. In this surgery, a damaged liver is replaced with a healthy liver. In liver transplant surgery, a team of experienced surgeons and doctors are involved. They replace the damaged liver with a healthy one and ensure that the surgery is successful. This transplant surgery is a complex process and a patient needs to consider various things. Doctors before the surgery perform various tests and ensure that transplant is the final option for the patient’s survival.

In the case of various chronic diseases, infections or viruses, the liver is completely damaged. Before preparing for the liver transplant, doctors will weigh whether the surgery is needed, its success rate and possibility that it can extend the patient’s life. In some cases when a patient has other chronic condition, liver transplant surgery is not recommended.

Survival rate after liver transplant surgery

After the liver transplant surgery is completed, a patient has to stay in the hospital for over 3 weeks. During this time, the doctor evaluates the success rate and determine any additional care if required. In some patients, it takes a year to get healthier and live a normal life once again. If the past records are considered, then liver transplant in India has gained a high success rate. There is a good percentage to live longer. As per the statistics, over 89% of the patient with liver transplant survives over a year of the surgery.

In addition, the five years survival rate is above 75%. In rare cases, the surgery fails or this may occur due to the original disease. This is the reason that doctors in India have to pay high attention and monitor the liver transplant surgery at regular interval. This helps patients to get the right medication and treatment in case of any problem and increase the success rate and survival rate of patients.