How and Why Murder Mystery Dinner Is The New Popular Thing

The daily life is full of problems and tiredness that people forget to enjoy. A day out with friends or relatives is a hard thing to arrange. Therefore, once the opportunity is there to have a get together, no one leaves the stones unturned to chalk out the perfect enjoyment plan. After a tiring week, everyone looks forward to a weekend that can be enjoyed so that the energy to work in the coming week is reinstated. 
Murder Mystery Dinner
Places for Arranging the Parties
The murder mysteries as themes have gained such a popularity that even the owners of the five star hotels are arranging these to entertain their guests. The organizers also organize the events at any private venue decided by the clients starting from any motel to a vault. The mystery stories are bound to kick off the James Bond inside everyone and the gusts enjoy a gala time in trying to find out who is the murderer while having the dinner.
The Types of Packages
The host or the organizer of the party has to decide the type of party to hold. The party can be a corporate event, anniversary party, Christmas party or a casual party. The type of the party will decide the package of the murder mystery. The organizations who arrange for the parties will do everything to minimize the host’s hassles. The package includes venue finding, private dining, and three-course dinner with coffee, drinks package, and murder mystery performance by professional actors. In addition to this, there is event management, choice of murder mystery plants, clue packs and prizes and discos.
The Various Fun Filled Activities
Who would not enjoy a murder just before the plate of delicacy arrives? Not speaking literally, a murder being acted out on the stage to give a food of thought to the brains before the actual food arrives is liked by all. Besides celebrating the occasion for which the party has been organized, everybody enjoys thinking about the cause of death of someone on the stage. The whispers go round the tables as to who is the murderer. With the flow of drinks and sumptuous food items, everybody is busy in suspecting the vulnerable characters and posing arguments for the same. The plots are knitted in a way such that the appetite is not lost and let everyone savor the food more.
Some Famous Murder Mystery Plots
There are categories in which the murder mysteries are divided. The first one is the Role-play Interactive Murder Mystery or the bronze and silver events. This is arranged for 7 to 25 guests. Here the hosts and the guests can take part in the game in fancy dress and play detectives. Two actors help in playing the parts. The guests can demonstrate their acting skills in this murder mystery. The second type is the Dinner Theatre Interactive Murder Mystery or the gold and platinum events. Here at least three actors perform in the event and act as the suspects. The guests play the role of the detectives. Often these mysteries are full of comedy and involve a lot of interaction. Very famous corporate entities also resort to these themed parties to give a fresh break to their employees. Many famous murder mystery games can be played during party dinners. The famous ones are the Cudham Riding Club, A Dead man’s Chest, All At Sea,Fatale, Court in the Act etc. All these are so popular that even big corporate entities plan a murder mystery dinner for any party they hold.


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