My Favorite New Travel Destinations

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My All Time Top  Favorite Travel Destinations


The two words travel and leisure are closely connected. Every human has different interest and they get engaged in that whenever a leisure time is get. Some persons like travelling a lot and some other may like watching movie. It is different from person to person. An enjoyment is needed for every human in order to avoid boring in life. Continuous engagement in work will make stress on mind and life may be unhappy. So enjoyment in life is very important and we should find some time for that. The enjoyment is based on how we work with the leisure time. If we do interesting things then we get mental satisfaction.  The word travel came from the French word travail. Some people are like to travel alone but some other may like to travel with friends. If a person is working then when he gets a leisure time he will use it to travel anywhere. So the leisure and travel is closely connected. We can absorb many things while travelling and can learn new things. Traveling has different aspects like enjoyments, pilgrims etc.

My Favorite New Travel Destinations

To me travelling is mean for exploring new things and enjoyment. With tight work schedule of office one has to mentally get satisfied with the hobbies. So I think travelling is best for that  and can explore lot of things. In my child hood days I am very much font of fishing. But when I brought up the interest get reduced and my hobbies are restricted into the four walls of the house. Then onwards going out from the house is very rare and my most time is in front of the TV or computer. When I reached college the hobbies and interest changed  a lot. Then onwards  I was started to find new places and explored new things. Now  I am  very font of travelling. I have traveled a lot in this short time and I explored new places and culture. When reaching each place I can find new peoples having different culture and behavior. So I have learnt a lot from them.

Still I remember that when I was travelled to South Africa I met some different tribal persons. Their culture is very different from others. They leading a wild life and don’t have much communication with the outer world. So their life is a study book and have to learn lot of things. I was very surprised when I met them and I stayed with them two days. So I got more information about them and a complete study is carried out. At first I frightened a little bit because of their nature and wild life. But when mingled with them I felt that they are the finest persons living in the beauty of forest. So I very much interested about them. I can’t forget the days that I have visited there. I explored lot of  new species of animals and plants.

The next wonderful experience I received is from Kashmir of India. It is a wonderful place that I have ever visited. I cannot express the beauty of Kashmir in words. Everyone must have to visit that place and feel the beauty of Kashmir. The plant species in the valley of Kashmir is beautiful and it is rare. If there is a heaven in world then that is Kashmir. It has that much beauty. So if you get a chance to visit there then don’t miss it.  But truly speaking  some of my friends never like travelling. They are busy with their work and if any chance get they don’t make a pleasure trip. They simply wasting their time and life. But I am different from others that I love travelling a lot and it is my passion. I don’t know how to express my joy with you. Once I started my journey it take almost one month to return back. Because the sudden return from a particularly place is not fare according to me. I want to see and explore the place as real as it is. So it take some time for that. But I am happy with that I discovered and learnt a lot. Now I have a plan to write a book about my travelling experience. I started it just a few days before and seeking advice from the expert travelogue writers.  I hope that I can complete it successfully. I get mental satisfaction while travelling.

In my opinion everyone should spent leisure time doing interesting  things. Other ways the life get bored. We have to enjoy our life with our interest. So according to me travel and leisure are closely connected.  Through travelling I have got memorable experience from various parts of the word and I can’t forget that in my life.  Continuing my travel to explore more and more things from the various parts of the world.

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