Why San Francisco’s beautiful Bay Area city is best destination

Why San Francisco’s beautiful Bay Area city is best destination

San Francisco’s appeal is undeniable, with countless new residents calling the beautiful Bay Area city home every year. While many of the city’s neighborhoods have been touted as the next big thing at one time or another, Mission Bay currently takes the cake for the city’s most desirable enclave. This waterfront west side neighborhood, located between the Design District and Potrero Hill, is quickly earning a reputation as San Francisco’s newest hotspot, thanks to a plethora of real estate development and the unbeatable views. If you’re looking for a San Francisco neighborhood to call home, Mission Bay should definitely be it — here’s why.

San Francisco's beautiful Bay Area city

Unique architecture: While many of San Francisco’s neighborhoods are known for their rambling painted ladies and Italianate row houses, Mission Bay’s architecture is a thing of beauty for anyone who appreciates the appeal of a modernist touch. Mission Bay’s architecture forgoes the over-the-top, multicolor palette that is part of the fabric of much of the city, favoring a geometric, neutral-toned style reminiscent of many European capitals. As the neighborhood expands outwards, the caliber of the architectural work continues to rise along with it. New buildings, like One Mission Bay, are raising the bar for the neighborhood, with elegant design and amenities like a heated exterior pool and cabanas, a catering kitchen, and private lounge.


A beautiful setting: San Francisco’s neighborhoods are full of natural beauty, but Mission Bay has them all beat when it comes to green space. In addition to its ample waterfront, which surrounds the wedge-shaped neighborhood on two of its three sides, Mission Bay is home to more parks than almost any other part of the city, with Koret Quad, Bay Front Park, Mission Creek Park, Mission Bay Kids Park, Mission Bay Commons, and China Basin Park all falling within neighborhood limits. The neighborhood’s abundant green space means it’s a perfect destination for families with children, pets, or anyone who loves nature and wants to enjoy the great outdoors without going too far from home.


Great food: San Francisco’s restaurant scene has long been celebrated — in fact, Bon Appetit recently described San Francisco as “the best food city in the country.”  It’s not hard to see why the city is earning such high praise; San Francisco’s culinary culture has only gotten better in recent years as celebrity chefs and newbies alike have flocked to the city to see if they can hack it in this competitive market.  Many of the city’s hottest talents have recently headed to Mission Bay to test their mettle in this fast-growing neighborhood. Eateries like New American restaurant Oda, charming creperie Z Crepes, and veggie-friendly locavore hotspot Stem are changing the way San Francisco eats, one plate at a time.


It’s one of San Francisco’s newest neighborhoods: San Francisco is a city full of history and the historical homes to match. However, Mission Bay has the distinction of being the city’s newest neighborhood, with residential development taking place over the last 20 years alone. The neighborhood’s newer architecture makes it a perfect choice for potential residents who want to enjoy the charm of San Francisco without sinking their time and money into the massive upkeep that comes along with owning an older home. Additionally, Mission Bay’s recent development means there’s room for growth — an encouraging prospect for entrepreneurs and artists who want to find a home for their work in the city.


Proximity to many other great neighborhoods: They say your neighborhood is only as good as your neighbors, making Mission Bay a hit on all levels. As if Mission Bay’s enviable waterfront location wasn’t enough of a selling point, it’s surrounded by some of San Francisco’s equally amazing enclaves on all sides. To the north, Mission Bay is bordered by South Beach and SOMA, two of the cities trendiest neighborhoods for young professionals. To the West, you’ll find the vibrant Design District and upscale Potrero Hill, and along the neighborhood’s southern tier, hipster haven Dogpatch is rapidly becoming a home base for artists, startups, and a great local restaurant scene.


If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve when it comes to real estate, Mission Bay is the right neighborhood for you. Mission Bay is already a clean, comfortable, and beautiful place to call home, and the neighborhood is only getting better as new residents and businesses set up shop. A former factory today will be the city’s latest gallery tomorrow, while a “for rent” sign offers the promise of a cutting edge boutique in a week’s time. Unlike many of the city’s other neighborhoods, where waitlists for housing have become the norm and apartment sizes are getting smaller and smaller, Mission Bay is a neighborhood that’s still growing alongside its new residents. With a boom like the one San Francisco is having at the moment, however, it won’t be long before Mission Bay’s housing is all scooped up.

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