How to prepare you kids for day care or nursery school- with no tears!

Most parents have experienced difficulties in bringing their kids to a day care

 centre in Sydney and leaving them under their care. This can be due to how they are upset due to the changes happening in their life where this is the first time they will spend the whole day away from home and you. But it doesn’t have to be this difficult. Below are just a few ways to prepare your kids for day care.

Make the centre familiar to your kid

nursery schoolOne of the primary reasons why children and adults are afraid of change is the unknown. A lot of people are more willing to stick to one job, one place and one routine because they are uncomfortable with any alteration to what they know. For some children, they may resist any changes in their daily routine such as spending time in an unfamiliar place.

To help them be familiar with the day care centre  or nursery school, it is recommended to visit the centre with your child before their first day there. This will help them become familiar with the place without worrying about spending the entire day without you. You can also have the day care centre’s teachers or staff give you a tour of the area.

Have them stay with relatives

Having relatives take care of your kids is also another way to help your children accept change or to lower the chance of them crying while they watch you leaving them at the day care centre. Trusting your children under the care of their uncles, aunts and grandparents is a good way for them to adjust to staying in an unfamiliar place. Your children will also feel comfortable if they know they are staying with people they know. It is important to know if your relatives, other than your parents, are experienced in handling kids.

Have everything prepared before the first day

Previously, we talked about how to make your kids be prepared for change – which is the easy part. The hardest part is the first day when you have to leave them at the day care centre. There are many ways to make them more comfortable during their stay and to prevent them from crying when you walk out of the door:

  • Let the day care staff know more about your kid. This includes the time they usually nap, what they like to eat and the type of toys they play with. This allows the staff to make your kid’s stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Prepare the favourite things your kid wants on the first day. This includes their favourite toy, food and clothes. Your child will then have a positive attitude which may last throughout the day.
  • Have their diapers, formula and other necessities ready the night before. This will actually help avoid any tension when having to prepare everything on the first day. It will also give you more time to stay with your child in the day care centre until they feel they can be left alone under the staff’s care.

Remember to choose the right childcare centre for your children in Sydney in order to ensure they are in safe hands.

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