Tea and Tourism Festival of Ooty: Peep into Nilgiri’s beautiful tea estates


If you want to make the most of your life, then you should start traveling. And by traveling, we don’t mean just that usual yearly vacation which you take during the summer holidays! You ought to travel regularly and even at the drop of a hat, without any major itineraries or pre-plans! If you just wake up one morning and feel like life is getting boring, then just go brush your teeth and pack your bags! There are some great places right on the Indian map. They can be visited just about anytime, and without making grand arrangements!

Ooty is one such place which is a petty much round-the-year destination. It is also one of the most beautiful places in the country and, despite its Scottish-esque charms, is not as popular as hill stations of Shimla or Kashmir. That may be a blessing in disguise for travelers like you, since you can avail Ooty packages easily and cheaply.

Though, Ooty can be visited anytime, one of the favored seasons is the month of January. It is in this month that the famed Tea and Tourism Festival is organized every year. Ooty, being home to the Nilgiris (Blue Mountains), boasts of a number of tea gardens. These hills produce Ooty tea in abundance and this festival is nothing but a glorification of this intoxicatingly addictive beverage.

The Tea and Tourism Festival draws tourists in huge numbers. Many backpackers, especially the foreigners, always keep a lookout for such festivals so that they can get an insight into the local culture of the place. So, if you are interested in knowing a thing or two about the local lifestyle, then try planning an Ooty trip during January.

During the festival, samples of different kinds of teas are exhibited and sold. You can try them out and even shop for them in huge quantities. Besides, if you are interested in the technical side of tea production, then this is a great time to learn about the different varieties and breeds of teas.

The ambience is remarkably good during this time. The tea estates and gardens look a happy place and the bazaars are teeming with tea, tea and tea! Plus, January, being a cold season, also gives you a chance to sip the warm beverage while shivering in the cold (that’s a delightful thought)!

Besides, it is also a good time to enjoy sightseeing. Ooty Lake, Dodabetta Peak, Botanical Gardens, Emerald Lake and St. Stephen’s Church are some of the top places to visit in Ooty. Dare not miss out on them!

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