Outdoor Shelters Make Playground Parents Much Happier

If you run a playschool or nursery then home time can sometimes be a complex process. This is especially true in bad weather, when parents do not like to be kept waiting outside. Installing a shelter in the playground or yard of your nursery can help to make things run much more efficiently. 
Staying Dry 
When parents arrive to pick up their children from educational or childcare venues, they often have to wait outside, whatever the weather. This is usually due to a question of space, with children readying themselves for their return home indoors, whilst the parents are waiting for them outside. This sort of situation does not create a good impression of a nursery or play group and can dissuade parents from using your services. A great way to improve this kind of situation is to erect some kind of playground shelter on your premises. 
Such a feature does not need to be bolted onto your existing structures in an obtrusive or stylistically inappropriate way either. A good design company will react to your needs and look to integrate the structure they provide into your existing arrangements, whether by the materials used, the colour scheme, or the actual physical design of the structure. A good designer should be able to present an intriguing range of styling options when it comes to playground shelters. 
Canopies And Walkways 
The main way of providing shelter to parents in this kind of way is with canopies and walkways. These can be used to cover existing waiting areas which are located outdoors, perhaps with a kind of outside atrium design. As well as being worked into existing structures and spaces, however, the shelters can actually create useful space in themselves. 
An outdoor shelter of this type is not just useful for waiting parents, after all. A sheltered area outside can be utilised as learning space too and is very useful if small groups of children need to work away from the main group. Being outside, yet sheltered, can increase the range of activity options open to the education professionals who work at the venue. The shelter can provide a stimulating learning environment, protected from the vagaries of the weather; a space which is separate, yet still part of the main structure. 
Canopies and walkways are also a useful way of linking buildings and spaces and making them a more integrated and useful part of the built infrastructure at your venue. A canopy can mean children can move from one section of the venue to another without having to endure inclement weather conditions. A shelter is much more use than simply as a place for parents to wait, although that might well be its primary function. 
By providing decent playground shelters you are improving the infrastructure of your venue. This in turn can have positive implications for both the children and parents who use your nursery or play centre. This in turn will boost the social and commercial profile of your venue. 
AUTHOR BIO: Joana Hall has worked as a playground services engineer for many years in her native Manchester. An experienced craftsman, she also works as an artist and writer, sharing her expertise with a wide range of blogs and websites. Click here to find out more.

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